Meet Benefit's Colorful New Eyeliners and Mascaras

It looks like I'll be wearing blue mascara a lot in the near future.
Publish date:
July 10, 2015
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Even though I tend to go neutral most of the time, I'm a pretty big fan of color. I love seeing others wearing splashy hues, and I do dabble from time to time. So when I heard Benefit was expanding their They're Real! Beyond Mascara and Push-Up Liner collection, I was pretty darn excited, especially since I'd been searching high and low for the perfect blue mascara, and especially because Benefit always seems to deliver.

Let's dig right in!

So shiny. So pretty. But do they deliver?

In general, I will say that the mascaras are all top-notch. They each have the same formulation, so they apply very similarly to each other. The eyeliners, on the other hand, each apply differently. I'm assuming that's due to their individual formulation, but they're all matte and waterproof.

This is my favorite product out of the bunch. It's so hard to find the right shade of blue mascara, and this one does it for me. It's dark enough to add some drama, but blue enough to look electric. Like all the mascaras, it glides on easily without any goopy mess. I like that it keeps my lashes separated and lengthens them at the same time.

I was really excited about this one, but I find that the color is just a little bit too dark for my liking. It applies easily, though you'll need to go back in and do some touch ups to make sure the color is evenly dispersed.

I actually prefer the blue eyeliner with the blue mascara, pictured above. You can see how the mascara is lighter, so it stands out nicely against the dark liner.

Again, nice formulation, easy application. Brown is my go-to when I'm wearing no-makeup makeup and still want to accentuate my eyes. This one isn't too red or too black, making it ideal for a variety of complexions.

In terms of application, the brown is the easiest push-up liner to apply of the newest colors. It applies similarly to the black push-up liner, and you only need one fluid and careful swipe to achieve the look above. It's also a very pretty shade of brown, again not too red or too black.

On the left, you see the pairing of the brown mascara and brown liner. Very soft and pretty.

I found the purple eyeliner the most difficult to apply. It's more liquid-y than the others, so it requires a more deft hand. It also has a tendency to migrate and transfer. The solution is to keep your eyes closed for longer to allow the product to dry.

As for the color, it's a very dark, very subtle purple. Near black, really.

And on the left is the green liner. This is probably my favorite liner of the bunch because it's such a unique color. It's also easy to apply and stays put. I'm wearing it with the black mascara.

Overall, I think the colors are a nice extension of the line. Hands down, my favorite newbie of the bunch is the blue mascara, and I'm really digging the brown on brown, as well.

  • Which is your favorite?
  • Would you buy any of the above?
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