Benefit Ka-BROW vs. Anastasia DipBrow: Which Brow Pomade Will Win My Heart/Forehead?

I've been using DipBrow almost every day for over a year, but a worthy challenger has come along.
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June 20, 2016
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Something is giving my Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow a run for its money (which I didn't even think was possible).

Brow pomades are my jam. I like to rock a vintage, old-Hollywood vibe when it comes to my brows, so pomades like DipBrow, which give a lot of definition and sharpness to the brow, are my lifeblood. Pomades in general are great for those who like a lot of bold structure, or for those who need to draw their brows on from scratch.

I've been using my Anastasia DipBrow for a little over a year now (and I still haven't needed to repurchase). Although I own 525,672 different brow products (more like 10), DipBrow is what I've used six out of seven days in a week.

Well, at least into Ka-BROW! came along.

Benefit Ka-BROW! has launched online, but it doesn't enter stores officially 'til next week. I'm here to compare the two for you so you can choose whether or not to buy into the hype (like I did).

My two brows are VASTLY different: one arches, while one remains pretty straight. Without brow product on, I look like I'm in a constant state of bewilderment thanks to my permanently raised left brow. When filling in my brows, I generally draw a bit extra on the right brow, just to make my brows look even the slightest bit related. I know they say "brows are sisters, not twins," but mine are more like third cousins twice removed.

I'll be using the DipBrow on my arched brow and the Ka-BROW! on my straight (more problematic) brow. I wanted to really put Ka-BROW! to the test.

Anastasia DipBrow

To apply DipBrow, you should use an angled brow or liner brush. I suggest using one with synthetic hair specifically meant for creams, like the Morphe MB29 brush (which only costs $2.99) or Anastasia's recommended #12 brush (which is a bit steeper at $18). After combing the spoolie through my brow hairs, I work the tiniest bit of pomade into my brush (I generally work from my cap). I start filling in my brow from the outer corner, working toward the center of my face.

I sharply define the top and bottom of my brow, but I fill in using tiny hair-like strokes. When filling in, I always try to mimic the natural growth of the hair. If the hairs grow side to side, my strokes will be more side to side. If the hairs grow up and down, my strokes will be more up and down. DipBrow is a bit thick, so you really have to work it into your brush to get it to apply evenly.


  • $18 (as opposed to Ka-BROW!'s $24).
  • You get a lot of product (.14 oz worth, which has lasted me over a year).
  • It comes in 11 different shades (many of which do mimic naturally occurring hair tones). I use Ebony, which is a brown-toned black shade.
  • It's a little bit thicker, which is great for beginners (it provides a bit of resistance so your brow is not suddenly reaching up toward your forehead).
  • It's waterproof.
  • It achieves what it is meant to do (which is create a defined brow).


  • The brush is sold separately (and the recommended one is $18, which really could bring the total to $36 before tax).
  • It dries out pretty quickly if you don't make sure the cap is closed or if you expose it to air for too long (whenever I'm working with it, I have to leave the jar upside down on my vanity so the air doesn't hit it). And time will dry it out regardless. Once it's dry, there's no surefire way to reverse the damage and it becomes quite a bit harder to work with. (My quick fix: spritzing it with my brush cleaner before apply it. It'll re-emulsify it a bit.)
  • When it gets dry, it can get a bit blurry when applying (I had to go back and fix the edges with concealer).
  • Because it's stiff (especially once it starts to dry out), it can be a bit more time-consuming to apply.
  • It can be a bit difficult to sheer it out to create a gradient. It's possible, but not easy.

Benefit Ka-BROW!

Ka-BROW! comes with its own brush! It's extremely easy to use and is fantastic for traveling. Basically, you pull off the long skinny handle, flip it around, insert it back into the cap, and voila! A brush that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

The application process is the same. The only difference is that, because Ka-BROW! is more malleable, I can work straight from the product itself, rather than from the cap.


  • $24 for a brush AND product.
  • Super malleable. Easy and fast to apply.
  • It's waterproof.
  • It's easy to achieve clean lines without a concealer (yay!).
  • Can be used to create more natural looks (sheer) and more dramatic looks (bold).
  • Can easily create a gradient.
  • Won't dry out as quickly.


  • Only comes in six colors (I use #6, which is almost identical to Ebony).
  • Only .1 oz of product.
  • Because it's so emollient, it's easy to get carried away (aka draw strokes too big) .

I also put them to the transfer test. I pressed the backs of my hands on to my brow bone to see if the products would shift or if they really were waterproof.

The results: they both transferred the tiniest bit, but I'd still count them as waterproof. My brows still looked the same after the test.

Throughout the day, the Ka-BROW! continued to look sharp and clean while I noticed the DipBrow looked the tiniest bit blurry at the edges. Super-tiny difference, but noticeable.

Bonus: I used the Ka-BROW! for my beauty marks. It stayed put all day and it was super-easy to draw them on my skin. DipBrow is what I normally use for freckles and birthmarks, but sometimes it doesn't transfer onto the skin easily enough and I end up with fuzzy dots that look like fallen eyeshadow rather than defined spots.

The Verdict

Both are awesome products. They both stay on throughout an entire day of hot and humid NYC weather. However, I have to say I personally prefer the Ka-BROW! a little bit more. I've found myself reaching for it every morning while my former lover, DipBrow, sits in my makeup drawer. I think the crispness of the lines and the malleability of the product is what does it for me.

Though the DipBrow is a better financial deal if you already own a brush, I think I may find myself investing in the Ka-BROW! from here on out.

  • What's your hero bro product?
  • Are you #teamkabrow or #teamdipbrow?