If Benefit's New Big Easy Isn't BB Cream Or Foundation, Then What Is It?

I don't know, but I like it!

How many times have you looked at BB cream and thought, This is just tinted moisturizer, right?

Yes, BB cream in its Western form is absolutely tinted moisturizer. I know marketing-minded folks are all like, "But look at all the benefits in addition to moisturizing!" Seriously, though, when is the last time you saw a moisturizer in which the only touted benefit was moisture? BB cream is tinted moisturizer, dammit.

Just as adamantly as I insist that BB cream is tinted moisturizer, I insist that it is not foundation. Does it replace foundation for many people? Yes, for the exact reason why it's not foundation: sheerer-than-foundation coverage. Don't mess with me, question-askers.

You could say I have an answer for everything when it comes to BB creams, and you would've been right, like, two weeks ago. But then Benefit's new product Big Easy came into my life and confused the ever-loving hell out of me, thanks to a prominently placed phrase above the product name: BIGGER THAN BB.

So, it's foundation then? I wondered. And so the answer-haver has become the question-asker. Oh, how the tables have turned! (By the way, sometimes when I read my own writing, I hear Paul F. Tompkins's voice. Is that weird?)

Apparently, this Big Easy stuff is "multi-balancing complexion perfector," which sucks because now I have to create a new tag for our articles.

The formula itself, though, doesn't suck and, in fact, surprised me in the best possible ways.

The biggest surprise is how it feels going on. It has noticeably less slip than BB creams and even many foundations, so you can't really spread it out as much as you may be used to. I attribute this grippy-ness to their "liquid to powder" claim. It's kind of like Medusa looked at it a couple seconds after you started applying it... but actually much nicer than that.

This powdery finish is part of what will make the noncomedogenic formula appeal to those with combination and oilier complexions. But in addition to just making skin look more matte, it's actually balancing skin's moisture to help keep excess sebum in check.

The other thing it's balancing--after all, it is a multi-balancing complexion perfector--is skin tone. Check it out:

Runner-up surprises: I'm using shade 02 Light, which I was sure would look too dark on me, but as the packaging promises, it "self-adjusts to your exact shade." So, magic, basically.

It also touts an impressive broad-spectrum SPF 35, and I've found the medium coverage stays put and looks really fresh all day.

I didn't think I could love something I don't quite understand, but Big Easy has made me a believer in whatever the hell multi-balancing complexion perfectors are.