$20 beautyblender Vs. $6 Real Techniques Dupe

Is the venerable beautyblender really worth the extra $14?

The beautyblender is a kit staple for makeup artists and everyday makeup addicts alike. Considering its $20 price tag, though, I’ve always been skeptical of its worth, especially since my beloved Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge clocks in at just $6.

So I decided it was time for blend-off. Beautyblender vs. Real Techniques.

Size And Shape

Both sponges are small enough to hold in the palm of my hand, although the RT sponge is noticeably bigger. They also both expand quite well once dampened.

In terms of shape they are a bit different.


Both of these sponges are soft and squishy, but the beautyblender is softer and has more bounce to it. The RT sponge is a little harder, even when dampened.


While I think that the RT sponge does an excellent job of blending my makeup (and for $6 it’s a total steal), the beautyblender was definitely the superior of the two.

The RT sponge holds onto more water and product, meaning that I had to use more foundation to build up the amount of coverage I wanted.

The beautyblender did not retain any excess water, and it instantly blended my foundation into my skin. It also cut my foundation-blending time down significantly. The overall finish is pretty similar--skin-like and not heavy--so in terms of end appearance, both sponges perform well.


Now that I've tried the original beautyblender, I can see what all the fuss is about. It really is an excellent foundation-blending tool, and I’m all for anything that can cut my application time down. If you just can’t part with the $20, though, the RT sponge is a wonderful alternative.

  • Have you tried the original beautyblender?
  • What about those new little mini green ones you can use for blending eye shadow?
  • What’s your favorite blending sponge?