Beauty Bloggers You May Not Have Known Worked For MAC

The school of MAC apparently gave way to that viral creepily-accurate Dory makeup look
Publish date:
November 9, 2016
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I spend a lot of my spare time watching beauty videos on YouTube. I’ve written about some of the less positive aspects of my choices of entertainment before (mostly regarding conspicuous consumption) but I’ve learned a lot of my makeup skills from YouTube as well. Before I went to makeup school, pretty much everything I knew was picked up from people like Lisa Eldridge and Chloe Morello.

There’s a bit of a gap between someone like Lisa and someone like Chloe, though. Lisa is a bona fide celebrity makeup artist, having worked on some of the most well-known faces in the world, campaigns for prestigious brands and covers of fashion magazines. Chloe, on the other hand, is a self-taught makeup artist, but her personality makes me love her all the same.

A lot of people who make beauty videos have worked for prestigious brands in the past, though, generally meaning, they’re qualified makeup artists and have received training from those brands too. It’s not essential, but this kind of experience makes a difference to me when I’m taking someone else’s advice. If you’ve risen to fame doing your own makeup, that’s one thing, but putting makeup on someone else is another thing entirely. Understanding what works on different skin types, skin tones, eye shapes, ages and even personalities is really important, and that’s one thing you pick up working as a retail artist or freelance.

So with all that being said, here are a few of my YouTubers and bloggers who’ve worked for MAC.


Duh, I couldn’t not lead with the Pixiwoo sisters. Sam Chapman and Nic Haste are slowly taking over the world with their beauty empire (not to mention the rest of the Chapman family and their YouTube careers), but you might not know that Sam Chapman was once a member of the MAC Pro team. It’s not a fluke that she’s brilliant at makeup. Nic has worked commercially as well.

Jaclyn Hill

Love her or hate her, Jaclyn Hill is a great makeup artist, especially when it comes to smoky eyes. Her highlighter collaboration with Becca was stupidly popular—it broke Sephora’s record for most purchased product on the day it launched. Over a year later, it still seems to be everyone’s favorite highlighter (I’ve never had a chance to try it). She’s also got a history working for industry giant, MAC.


I found Christina’s videos by mistake, but her sense of humor and humble personality is what first won me over. You might have seen her Finding Dory makeup that blew up the internet recently. In her early makeup career she worked for MAC in San Francisco, and her portfolio shows she’s not just good at doing her own makeup. Earlier this year, she worked with MAC again, this time on a series of videos to coincide with the launch of their Star Trek collection.


I remember Leesha from when Livejournal was the thing and the beauty discussion communities there were huge, and hugely active. She’s modest about her MAC experience—she received their intro training, but isn’t technically a qualified makeup artist—but I think if you watch her videos you’ll see she’s a very talented makeup artist. She also has an infectious positivity about everything!

Makeup with Jah

I wanted to finish up with someone local that you might not recognise. Jahleshia Deflavelle is from New Zealand and now based in Sydney, Australia. She’s a professional makeup artist and has worked for MAC in the past. If you love watching a makeup artist applying makeup to different models, hers is the channel for you! Her Instagram-inspired style isn’t the kind of makeup I wear often, but her client transformations are incredible to watch.

I kept this round-up specifically to YouTubers with MAC experience, but there are many other talented trained makeup artists out there online. This list is also by no means comprehensive! Feel free to add your favorites I’ve missed in the comments.