This Makeup Magically Hides My Monthly Breakouts

These BeautyCounter products are the perfect team to help get me out into the world with a little more confidence during my period.
Publish date:
June 18, 2015
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I’m really lucky when it comes to my skin. In general, my face is pretty clear (save for the occasional single massive pimple attack), and for the most part, my only major breakouts are on my back and arms, which are easier to hide. As a teen, I struggled immensely, but over my twenties, things seem to have evened out a bit.

That is, until this year.

Lately, I find myself becoming more and more hormonal around period time (ovaries, is that you?), and with the return of massive boob swelling and back pain, the breakouts have also started making monthly visits, too.

Because I’m not used to covering up my skin, I’ve been a little lost re: what to do when your face rebels against you every month. Perhaps that’s why I was so easily sucked into BeautyCounter’s Tint Skin Complexion Coverage video.

BeautyCounter has been one of my absolute favourite beauty brands for the past couple of years, but because I’d never really needed any skin coverage products, I’d never given their line a try.

Browsing through their site a few weeks ago, I came across their best-selling Tint Skin product, and by the time I was done reading, watching, and listening, I was determined to try their whole skin coverage line in the war against puffy red hormonal breakouts.

In order to give the brand a fair trial, I decided to test out Tint Skin in Linen, as well as the Retractable Complexion Coverage Brush specially designed to go with it, and the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen for the worst of the blemishes.

I started off with a thin layer of Tint Skin, applied first to my hand, then onto the retractable brush before my face. The initial results were more even, and my pores immediately started to dissapear.

Next, I went in with the more pigmented, concentrated concealer pen in Light, filling in dark circles under my eyes and covering up major blemishes and red spots around my nose and on my cheeks.

I immediately fell in love with this product—everything from the way the click brush works to the even coverage was perfect, and it has definitely earned its place as a new staple in my makeup bag.

Finally I went over my skin with the Tint Skin foundation one more time, then added some blush to finish off the look. The end result was noticeably smoother, more even skin, and though I probably won’t be using this lineup on a daily basis, I think it’s the perfect team to help get me out into the world during period breakout weeks.

  • Do you change up your foundation and concealer coverage during your period?
  • What has worked best for you?