Wait... This BB Cream Actually Matches Our Skin Tone?!

For once in our makeup-wearing lives, we don't have to mix multiple shades to get something that looks good on us!
Publish date:
May 1, 2013
maybelline, bb creams, skin tone

As twins, one of the things we obviously have in common is the same skin tone. And we love the perks that come with being brown: the built-in tan, how we don’t turn red in the sun, and the uncanny ability to totally pull off neon yellow.

The downside: We’re on a never-ending search for the perfect shade of makeup. Our skin may match each other, but it seemingly never matches foundations. Even worse? BB creams.

Those tester palette things in the makeup aisles never seem to have a shade that even remotely matches our skin tone, so we often find ourselves mixing two or three different shades. That’s expensive and just plain annoying.

Even makeup artists think that they could help us find makeup that matches--and then they fail. One time, we modeled clothes on a TV show and the makeup artist spent an hour trying to get our foundation right, and never really did. The other two models on the show were darker-skinned and smart enough to bring their own makeup. They knew what was up.

But this is going to be a very angry post that turns into a very happy post. Why? Because we’ve finally found BB cream that doesn’t require going to the paint-mixer guy at Home Depot to get a shade that works for us.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB rocks our socks. In all honestly, we didn’t even want to try it at first, but Marci was like, “Can you girls try this? They’re our sponsors.” And we were all like “FINE, but we’re going to hate it.”

We’re just naturally inclined to assume that we need the entire range of colors to mix our own. Which is why when Marci handed us the darkest shade, we asked for a lighter one so that we could do just that.


OK, Runa here. We took the bottles that Marci gave us home and decided to try each on one separately, to be fair. Pia put on the darker shade in Deep, and I put on the Medium/Deep so that we could compare.

We looked at each other, and I said “Hell no,” because it was a total mismatch for Pia, and I waited for her to laugh back. But, here’s the kicker. She didn’t laugh at all. She gawked. The BB cream actually matched my skin tone.

I looked in the mirror and flipped. Neither of us understood what was happening. Pia rubbed it into her skin and we were very confused--and thrilled!

And that was before reading about the benefits that let you skip the moisturizer before putting it on, like hydrating, smoothing, brightening, evening, and even protection with SPF 30 (just because we don't usually burn doesn't mean we don't need to prevent UV damage).

To really put it to the test, Runa put it on after her epic face scrub freak-out. Dream Fresh BB covered up her spots without aggravating her skin. And Pia, the night owl, was able to wear it from dinner to her 7 am bedtime without having to touch it up.

Turns out Dream Fresh BB's five shades--way more than most BB creams--really do work for a wide range of skin tones, ours included.

We usually hate to be proven wrong, but not in this case. So thanks, Marci, for shoving this in our faces--literally.