The Yellow Powder That Completely Erases My Dark Circles

No cream concealer has ever made this much of a difference on my under-eye darkness, and I'm doing the side-by-side comparison to prove it.
Publish date:
September 18, 2013
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I went back to school about two weeks ago, and I’ve been busy. I’m taking the maximum number of credits this semester while also trying to stay involved in music, theatre, and other extracurriculars, plus maintain a social life and find a job.

Basically, my face hates college; or rather the poor life choices I make here. Between eating crappy food, not drinking enough water, and drinking too much of other things, my skin looks pretty icky right now. Also, stress breakouts. And my hair looks terrible.

The biggest cause, however, is probably lack of sleep. I have 9:30 classes every single day, because I hate myself. But this one little product is helping me look less like an escaped insomnia study subject who sleepwalked onto campus.

I bought Bare Minerals Well-Rested Eye Brighter on a whim one day, not expecting to LOVE IT. I’m going to give you guys a minute to compose yourselves before having to look at my butt naked face, because it ain’t pretty.

Side by side comparison, ACTIVATE!

*distant screams of horror and shock, women in corsets fainting*

Let’s ignore the disaster that is my hair and the rest of my face and focus on how much better my right eye looks than my left eye. That’s JUST the Well-Rested concealer.

It’s seriously amazing. If you couldn’t tell, it’s a light-reflective, strongly yellow-toned concealer powder. Don’t get turned off by the fact that it’s a powder--it looks amazing and natural on the eye.

I apply mine with a fluffy blending brush, but sometimes I use a smaller brush to apply to the really dark parts of my under eye, to concentrate the color.

As I mentioned, it has a very strong yellow tone to it, so be careful when applying. A little goes a long way, and too much can make you end up looking like you have jaundice. However, it doesn’t seem to “flashback” yellow under flash photography, so feel free to get your selfie on.

I’m going to take a nap now.