Baby, It's Cold Outside According to My Cheeks and Also Yours Should You Accept This Mission

Take some advice from the most widely criticized holiday song to find a pretty great makeup look.

This is not the first time I've allowed climate to control my beauty look. Some environmental factors are just too influential to ignore (like all my lightweight emulsions and anything "oil-free," which I may as well have relegated to the back of my wardrobe along with my swim gear).

It wasn't until a happenstance incident of running an errand outside on a cold crisp day that I realized firstly that "Baby, it's cold outside" can be a true statement any time between November and March. Upon returning inside, my cheeks all rosy and stuff, I thought how weird (or not) it is that your body's natural biological version of blush is just a traffic jam of blood in your face.

But I noticed how my natural ruddiness was much higher on my cheeks (and nose) than I normally apply my blush. Something about it was much more youthfully sporty and energetic or something. Before it had time to fade, I slapped on some cream blush to memorize the placement.

Weirdly, I got a lot of compliments — and by a lot, I mean more than two but less than five (I was not keeping close count) on how dewy and glowing I looked (including from my mom which is a Big Deal™). And because I'm so graceful at receiving compliments, I sputtered out something like "GUESS WHAT, IT'S BLUSH Y'ALL!"

This is also a great look to utilize cream blush, just saying. Not that you needed an excuse to use cream complexion products, but when it's cold and dry outside, an extra layer of tinted balms on the face does wonders for hydration. I've become pretty obsessed with these little pots of RMS and Tata Harper, since they're pretty straight-forward to use, don't have any tricky potential irritants (for me) and the pigments blend and build beautifully.

I generally favor makeup looks I can do with my fingers, honestly. But for reference of just a bit of cold weather does to my complexion, observe:

I used a generous and repetitive tap-tap-tap of that RMS Lip2Cheek in Promise over (it's winter — you gotta layer up!) Tata Harper's Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint in Very Naughty applied high up on my cheekbones, veering into highlighter territory (above the apples, as it were).

I used a bit of RMS Master Mixer as a highlighter on my cheekbones, brow bone, down the nose, on the chin, and smushed into the blushy areas to blur out the massive amount of pigment I've just assaulted my cheeks with. Then I did up my eyes with RMS Eye Polish in Karma smudged into my lash lines with my pinky and then the Eye Polish in Myth on the lid and inner eye corners. I skipped mascara because when there's that much oily product on the eye, no mascara formula is safe. It will smudge. An eyelash curler does the trick.

I realize, this looks a lot like that faux sunburn look, but this just goes to show that I guess seasonal weather patterns do cyclical things to your face, don't they? I daresay this is sort of like the opposite of contouring because it was taking my brain pains to defy contouring logic from the past three years and just put the deeper shade on top of my cheeks and not under. Everyone's face gets chilly in different spots, I suppose, so perhaps you can play around with blush placement for different effect.

  • Whaddya think? Winter cheeks, yay or nay?
  • Are you also slightly bored of Baby, It's Cold Outside think pieces despite generally agreeing with them?
  • Not enough people do solely cheek-focused makeup looks.