Baby Hairs And Dark Glossy Lips: Look To Try This Weekend

Cancel all make-out appointments.

I think it's a very adult thing to wear a glossy, pigmented lip. Or at least a I'm-in-a-commited-relationship-and-won't-drunkenly-make-out-with-anybody-tonight thing. I've never been into the smeared lipstick look. Sure, a smudge is fine, but I look like a hatchet-weilding ICP groupie after a sloppy, sweaty, gloss-finish-lipsticked make-out session.

Today I'm giving a dark, high-shine lip a go, as I don't think I'll be making out with anybody in the next 12-14 hours. Insecurities abounding (as I keep getting offers of fillers and anti-aging products and winkle-searing lasers), this newly-minted 24-year-old feels closer to 30 than 18. BECAUSE I AM. By 21 days and 12.5 hours. I want to be the first beauty editor to make live embalming a thing. That has to exist, right?

I layered MAC's matte lipstick in "Diva" under Estée Lauder's Pure Color Lip Lacquer in "Electric Wine." To keep from looking too goth--or worse, too old, I combed down my baby hairs with the bristly side of an eyebrow brush spritzed with hairspray, pulling the rest of my hair back into a high ponytail. If only for their name alone, baby hairs look so soft and youthful. I like them to be shaped and parted into slight swoops, but a little fluffy to keep the look natural.

Do you have strong thoughts on baby hairs? I have friends that cut them off, which makes me cringe and vomit.