Another Asian Beauty Trend To Try ASAP!

This time, it's from Korea.
Publish date:
June 11, 2013
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You know when you need a ton of clothes and you can't force yourself to actually buy anything because you're indecisive and also you're poor?

I've been really in to online Korean shops lately. First off, they're beautiful: the website design, the photos, the models, the colors. Bravo. Second off, the clothes are, while totally wearable, unlike most things you could find in the U.S., which is why I buy so much vintage. I'm the twat that wants stuff nobody else can have. Snakeskin platforms, neck-breaking kuchi necklaces, all the fur that's not rabbit or mangey, all the fur that comes in bright colors, that pleather Mugler cheongsam mini dress. The goose that lays golden eggs. Helicopters.

Actual fact: I killed my twin in the womb because I didn't want to share my mother.

I don't even really wear any of it! I just like to look at all of it, rubbing my palms laughing.

Sucks though, because now that I closed my shop, I can't buy really stupid and stupid-expensive vintage clothes and reason it out as a business expense. I just have to click through **********.com telling myself that one day I'll get around to ordering some stuff. (What? I'm not going to share the name of the website!)

The good thing is, I'm working the entire time I'm doing it! The site also carries its own makeup and beauty brand, and the looks are alien-y, super-divine. So, like, reasearch.

One of the looks that I kept meaning to try was the two-toned blush, specifically push-pop orange and bright pink. SINCE WE'RE SO FAR BEHIND ON ANYTHING in the western hemisphere, finding a neon-y orange blush is kind of impossible. So I mixed some OCC Lip Tar in Beta with some moisturizer and patted a teeny amount on the high-middle area of my cheeks, a little above and out from the apples. Stuff is BRIGHT, so use sparingly and layer to get the right tint.

Then I used FACE Stockholm's supa-brite pink Creme Blush in London right above, again dabbing on with my finger. If you're having trouble blending (maybe using a powder instead), take a makeup sponge pressed in a dab of moisturizer, and dab over the area with that. This will also give a really healthy highlighting effect.

OMG so pretty! Cheeks don't get enough attention; do something weird like this to show them off.