Indie Product Of The Week: Artís Elite Oval 6

I realize you can't tell from its name--or its appearance--that this is a makeup brush.
Publish date:
May 8, 2014
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Makeup brushes are usually an afterthought for me. Maybe it's because my job lends itself to having sets of them regularly materialize on my desk, but they've never been my priority or passion. I use what I get, and I don't think much about it.

Well, I recently got the Artís Elite Oval 6, and whaddayaknow--I can't stop thinking about it.

This beaut is one of the medium-sized brushes in a 10-brush line--all of which have the same forward-facing, toothbrush-esque design--and I'd argue that it's the most versatile of the bunch.

Made with thousands of super-soft fibers called CosmeFibre (seriously, it feels amazing on the skin), the Elite Oval 6 is awesome at blending and can be used to apply a number of makeup products. This morning, in fact, I used it to apply my face powder, blush, highlighting powder, and eyeshadow.

In addition to feeling like angels are kissing your skin (and I don't even believe in angels!), it feels great in your hand, thanks to an ergonomic design that allows for a sturdy grip.

If it reminds you a bit (or a lot) of MAC's upcoming oval brushes, then it may not surprise you--or maybe it will and you'll be excited about this potentially gossipy info--that Artís was founded by a former MAC senior exec, Matthew Waitesmith. (Elite Oval 6 is the same price as its not-yet-available MAC counterpart, by the way.)

I seriously can't wait to try the rest of the collection, because I am so damn impressed with this particular brush, and also because I want to just rub the biggest one, Elite Oval 10, all over my face just for kicks.

Think you could get used to this kind of makeup brush design? How much are you willing to spend on great application tools?