I Have Conflicted Feelings about this Japonesque Best Sellers Kit, Plus COTW!

I love the products and I love the price that *I* happened to get it for — so what's the problem, Kelly?
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March 19, 2016
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I've been trying to stick to a really tight budget lately (pfft, what else is new?) so it's been a long time since I impulse-bought any makeup just for fun. However, yesterday I made the mistake of running into ULTA just to get one thing and somehow ended up in the clearance aisle. Oops.

My eye fell on a Japonesque Best Sellers Kit that was hanging out in a crowded bucket all by itself, and when I saw it was marked down from $28 to $7, I just couldn't pass it up. I love everything I've tried from Japonesque so far and I remembered that Wendy reviewed the included finishing powder positively.

So I grabbed it and paid for it without taking a close look at it. When I got home, I opened it up to find:

These products are tiny — much smaller than they appeared in the packaging. The lipstick is the size of my pinky and the blush and finishing powder fit neatly in the palm of my hand. For the price that I paid, I wasn't mad; $7 for three really good products isn't bad at all, even if they are child-sized.

No, what really blew me away was that the kit was originally priced at $28 — but don't worry, the "$45 value" sticker assures you that you're really getting a great deal. Hmm.

Maybe it's because I'm broke and feeling surly about it, or because the lipstick looked bad on me, but this had me thinking about how I'd rather pay $28 for one full-size product than three tiny ones. Some of you may feel differently, though, and I'd love to discuss it in the comments!

But first, let's talk about last week's comments. There were some really great ones.

Yep, it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. "General Burnsthighs" shared a great DIY body oil recipe:

I'm a DIY body oil girl all the way. Sweet almond + rosehip oils for the base (I'll add a tblsp of olive in the winter) and tea tree + sandalwood + cardamom/frankincense essential oils for fragrance. Add some loose pigment if I want more sheen, Pink Opal usually, sometimes Melon if I want a slight hint of color (both by MAC). Shiny skin is so sexy, why is that???

2. "Souffle" had the funniest story about her grandmother's signature scent:

My grandmother wore Opium, I can't smell it without seeing her face. I actually wrote an assignment when I was 5 about her house and how it always smelled like opium... The teacher called my mom about that. Thought I was hanging out in a den of iniquity.

3. "Martha" shared a genius bronzer trick:

You asked for contour tips but here's my favourite bronzer trick. Put on your sunglasses and dust bronzer around the edge of your sunglasses. You want just a hint of a pale bar going across your nose. If it's subtle enough you get this amazing fresh subliminal 'evening after a day at the beach' effect.

4. "Heina Dadabhoy" has a sweet and practical approach to giving away her used makeup:

I open and try things that aren't from Sephora with my less fortunate friends firmly in mind: I swatch using a clean brush and then, if I don't like it, sanitize immediately after using. I do giveaways on a relatively regular basis with a focus on my friends in really dire situations. A nice lipstick or pretty highlighter can really make someone feel good even in a situation where their looks are the last concern they have.

  • Would you (or did you) pay full price for the Japonesque Best Sellers Kit or something similar?
  • If given a choice, would you pay the same amount of money for three small products or one full-size product?