I'm Still Trying to Figure Out How to Wear Blush, Plus COTW!

I'm a 25-year-old beauty writer. How is this possible?
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August 22, 2015
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I love the idea of wearing blush. It (supposedly) makes you look fresh, young, healthy, awake, friendly, and so on. Unfortunately, I can never figure out a good way for me to wear it.

I prefer cream blush to powder blush, since I have dry skin. The problem that I encounter whenever I apply my cream blush, however, is that I manage to ruin the makeup I already applied.

Between rosacea and old acne scars, my cheeks need concealer more than any other part of my face, and once I put blush on I feel like my redness and spots are unveiled all over again. It seems silly to spend all that time hiding my redness only to put blush on, and to spend time concealing spots if the concealer is just going to get smudged.

I've tried putting blush on before my foundation and concealer and I've also tried touching up the spots with concealer after applying the blush, but nothing seems to work.

Maybe I'll switch to powder blush, but I have to say I really love this blush and want to make it work. It's actually not technically a blush: it's Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Poured in Rose Gold.

I am obsessed with Shimmering Skin Perfecter in all of its forms (Pressed, Poured, and the original liquid), and I particularly love how this one highlights my cheekbones while warming up my face. I'm determined to keep experimenting with it, and I'd love it if anyone has any tips or advice.

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. "Hillary" has a tip for those of you who don't like the packaging of OCC Lip Tars:

You can buy empty lip gloss tubes on eBay or Amazon and just put your original (packaging) version of the Lip Tars in there. Also noteworthy - the price per mL doubles with the switch from original packaging to tube with doe foot applicators (10 mL to 4 mL, with only a $3 drop in price).

2. Seashell-themed beauty products are adorable, but if you want to save money, follow the lead of "Katelyn" who made her own solid perfume in a seashell compact!

I actually made my own one time. I found some little seashell compacts like that at Earthbound Trading Co. (not sure they have these nationwide- it's a chain of adventure hippy mall stores that sell overpriced essential oils and cool rocks and other nonsense). I'm not much for DIY but making solid perfume is pretty easy and the compact makes me feel very fancy.

3. "Vi Huynh" has some excellent suggestions if you're looking for some new matte lip colors to try:

for a matte red that will wear well until you see your grave, stila stay all day liquid lipstick! it even got me a free drink once: i was ordering and the bartender asked me, "is that beso???" she was wearing the same shade and gave me the drink on the house. was v impressed she could recognize it in a dimly lit bar. for a nude, the NYX soft matte lip cream in stockholm is holy grail status and like, one U.S. dollar. makes me feel like a more chill kylie jenner. and i always kind of hated on bite/didn't get all the hype, but then tried "black cherry" from the *frozen berries*~~ line or w/e and it's a serious winner. unexpected staying power and a good vampy color that probably scares men. 10/10 would recommend for fall.

4. Remember this tip from "Carmen L" when using towels to dry your hair:

Also, don't use fabric softener on your towels, either in the wash or in the dryer. The softening agents coat the fibers and make your towels less absorbent. If you have softened your towels, a cup of vinegar in the wash a couple of times should melt the residue off.

5. Thinking of waxing your upper lip (or other small areas)? "Ms Polythene Pam" has a money-saving suggestion:

I am French, and we are Hairy. My tip: there are loads of small facial strips available, but you know what I do? Buy the cheaper, giant leg strips and cut them up into lip size as I go. A box will last forever and I feel like it's less wasteful.

  • Do you struggle with blush, too?
  • Anyone have any tips for wearing blush when you have rosacea and acne scars to hide?
  • What's your favorite blush (or product that you've used as blush)?