Appliqué Makeup Was Made For Milestone Birthdays

These temporary lipstick and eyeshadows make a statement and last through hours of bingo playing. (Because that’s how old ladies like me get down.)
Publish date:
August 7, 2013
temporary tattoos, lipstick, eye shadow, applique, violent eyes, Violent Lips

I just turned 30.

Yeah... let’s not dwell on that. I bring it up mostly because I had a big night out on the town for my birthday and really wanted to do something different with my makeup.

A few weeks beforehand, I was looking through my beauty arsenal, and nothing grabbed me. All my lipsticks, shadows and liners spoke of looks past: smoky eyes, bold lips, cat eyes, dewy skin. Been there, done that.

I was entering a new decade of my life, embarking on a new chapter. I wanted to stand out in the crowd, look like a million bucks and make 30 my bitch.

So, like anyone facing a metaphysical problem of enormous gravity, I Googled it. And that’s how I came across appliqué makeup. Earlier this year, Chanel models wore black lace appliqués around their eyes, and the look was so delightfully coquettish.

Then I came across Violent Lips, and I knew I found my answer. The Beverly Hills company makes temporary lipstick and eye shadow appliqués in a crazy variety of colors and patterns, from metallics and ombre hues to leopard print and American flag versions. Plus, they’re supposed to last for hours.

I got my hands on a few different varieties and had fun experimenting before my big night out. And I’m glad I did, because it takes a bit of finesse.

Before applying, make sure your lips or eyes are clean, dry and free of any oils. Measure the appliqué to your own eyes or lips and cut to size (the guidelines on the back definitely help). Apply to your skin, wet the paper backing until the thin film sticks, and peel the backing off. Gently smooth out the appliqué to get rid of any wrinkles, and then try to avoid the urge to touch it every two seconds.

While I liked the look of the eye appliqués better than the lip ones, they were harder to apply. I messed up with a few pairs before I got one of the thinner purple wing shapes to look right. I added black liner under my eyes and lots of mascara, while keeping the rest of my face pretty simple. Looking in the mirrored ceiling of our stretch limo that night, I think I looked like a pretty bad bitch.

But the lips definitely have their time and place, too. I test drove a pair one rainy Sunday at home, and they lasted through two Diet Cokes, four episodes of Newsroom and a makeout sesh with my dachshund. Not bad.

I can already see myself rocking these orange-and-blue bad boys for the first Gator football game of the season. Now I just have to wait 29 more days…

What do you think of the appliqué look? Too wild, or would you try it? Have you worn them before?