Anime Eyes: A Totally Wearable Way To Look Like A Sailor Moon Character

How to look like you have impossibly large eyes without looking like you have an impossibly large need for attention.

So, I pretty much spent a good chunk of my childhood doing the following: watching Sailor Moon, collecting Sailor Moon cards and other Sailor Moon paraphernalia, and pretending to be Sailor Moon. No, just kidding about the last part; I was always Sailor Jupiter. Duh.

Naturally, one of my makeup go-to looks calls for impossibly large eyes. Today, I will show you how to achieve the look within the realm of social acceptability; and by that I mean you could totally wear this to work and no one would bat an eyelash. These are a bit more extreme, so proceed with caution.


I used MAC Face and Body Foundation mixed in with my moisturizer. Use it sparingly because you kind of want your skin to show through. This means freckles in the summertime for me, since I am unable to hold any sort of tan.


I took white eyeliner and lined my bottom water line. Afterwards, I brought the line down starting from 3/4 of the outer eye. Essentially, you are trying to extend your eye and creating a new eye shape: a big, bodacious anime eye, if you may. Try to colour the lashes in this area white, too. Stay with me.

Next, using the darker shade of the Anastasia Beauty Express kit in Brunette, I lined the bottom of my "new" eye with an angled brush. I used Faint from the Naked Basics Palette and blended it with the darker line using a round eyeshadow brush. If I'm being honest guys, I still prefer the Naked Palette (Buck! Buck for everything!), but I used that last time, so let's switch it up a bit.

I lined the top lashes with the darker Anastasia brow powder, trying to get as close to the lashes as possible. Then, using Crave from Naked Basics, I lined the outer corners of my upper lashes, doing a tiny flick upwards.

Blend Faint into the crease to add some depth to your eyes. Personally, I have to put the shadow a bit higher than the crease for the same effect, so if you have Asian-y eyes similar to mine, do the same. Add some more Faint to the outer corners. Blend.

Next, I put Venus in the inner corners and on the brow bone.

For mascara, you want to keep it quite light--think fresh-faced teen superhero. Maybelline Full 'N Soft would be great for this. Basically, you're making a new a eye shape here, so you wanna keep the rest believable.

For the bottom lashes, only coat the inner ones, where your real eye still meets your eyelashes. If you coat all your bottom lashes, it will look weird because it will seem like there are eyelashes growing out of your eyeball, and that's not a good look on anyone.

Using eyeliner or an angled brush, you'll want to lightly smudge in "eyelashes" where your new eye ends. (Who's tired of me saying "new eye"?) You can even add single falsies in to make it look more realistic, but I didn't because I didn't have any.

I filled in my brows with my Anastasia kit and set them using a Japanese brow mascara, natch. I tried to mimic that cool Korean straight-ish brow shape that I am kind of obsessed with right now.


First, I used my xoJane lip balm to make sure my lips weren't dry and gross (which they usually are, by the way--do you have any recs for me?). If anyone is curious, the flavour is Sparkly Chocolate Unicorn. Just kidding, it's mint. I actually didn't mean to be so try-hard with this xoJane lip balm, you guys, but really, it was in my shoebox of makeup, so why not?

I then used OCC Lip Tar (a favourite of my favourites, Annie and Hannah) in Memento.


On my cheeks, I used Tarte Amazonian 12 Hour Clay Blush in Amused. You don't want that colour to fade when you're fighting evil, right?

Finish with loose powder (Sailor Scouts are never shiny!) and that's it. You're a living, breathing anime character! Or Victorian doll--it's totally up to you.

You can wear it with bangs:

Or push the bangs to the side, whichever.

For a look that's pretty unnatural, it looks pretty natural, am I right? Moon Prism Power!

By the way, thanks to everyone for being so nice to me in my first post! I was basking in xoVain love all day--you are all so lovely.