Blushing Angel: Two Makeup Looks That Will Fool People Into Thinking You're Saintly

Ethereal is in, but how do we mere mortals get day and night looks that scream "I just fell off a cloud"? I'll show you.

“God sent me an angel from the Heavens above.” (Oh my, Amanda Perez, you are too sweet. It’s just my makeup, girl!)

There is nothing that gives my heart a boner more that tricking the universe into thinking I’m a innocent, sweet PYT. (Can 26 even be counted as “young” anymore? I’ll change it to PIATHAQLCT, also known as pretty-I’m-about-to-have-a-quarter-life-crisis-thing).

Perception is everything, y’all.

Angelic makeup has always been a staple in my book, mainly because my coloring lends itself to the look. So, you can understand my excitement upon seeing seraphic looks all over the Spring/Summer '14 runway. REJOICE.

Charlotte Tilbury created the otherworldly look at Prabal Gurung, generously concealing any blotchiness around the nose, eyes and mouth, finishing with foundation and a dusting of translucent powder. The brows, eyes, cheeks and lashes were left bare so the lips could really pop. Who knew matte pepto-pink lips could look so good? Sadly, you probably shouldn’t smile unless you have the most blindingly white of chompers because pale pink makes teeth look ol’ yeller. But who cares--we are going for angelic, which means soft, slightly pursed lips, and smizing, right? Right!

Speaking of celestial bizness, did you see Valentino SS14? Pat McGrath’s flawless take on perfect, ethereal, glowing skin, and eyebrows for days takes the cake as one of my favorite looks at Paris Fashion Week. The girls looked, in a word, divine. Nothing says angelic better than flawless skin, and some strategically placed highlighter. I appreciate when a makeup artist can enhance, without over doing, it, like letting the model’s natural lip color comes through or leaving the lashes bare.

Finally, in the way of gold-liness is next to Godliness (made that up on DA SPOT), can we talk about the eyebrows at Dior? I mean they are everything. Who needs jewelry when you are rocking a 24 carat gold brow?! I literally heard an organ/harpsichord rendition of "Angel of Montgomery" when I saw this. Had to catch my breath!

How do we, though, being mere mortals without a team of fabulous makeup artists, create a look worthy of divinity? Keep it pastel, and keep it plump and perfect--that’s how.

I figure an angelic cherub needs a couple different looks: day and night ('cause angels obviously still love to party--hard).

For a daytime look you have GOT to prep your skin; peep my no-makeup-makeup guide to get the run down.

Next, although I am a huge fan of dewy skin, we are going to go matte, as we want a clean blank, poreless (I wish) slate.

Using Giorgio Armani’s Face Fabric foundation, I squeezed a dollop on the back of my hand to warm, and smoothed all over my face, but focusing on nose, cheek, forehead, chin area, and blending out. I then used my trusty Clé de Peau concealer to hit my red, discolored zones with an extra punch of concealing power.

Now it’s time to highlight! Instead of my usual go to of creamy, gooey, dewy highlighters I used powder. MAC Shaping Powder in Accentuate does the trick to give that subtle lit-from-within vibe (you can even do this step BEFORE using the foundation, to be even more subtle and literally lit-from-within as it is radiating through your foundation. Sneaky minx, you!)

I’m thinking pink now. Pastel pink is THE color for fall (check out Carven, Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, and an article I did for Refinery29 about it--SHAMELESS). Instead of on our mouths (we’ll get to that later), we are thinking pink on our lids!

Clinique just came out with the oh-so-perfect-thank-you-universe-for-listening pink eyeshadow, a shade called Blushed. This is the real deal. It’s hard to find the perfect pink eye shadow--Blushed will not disappoint. It’s pigment-rich and spot-on for a light wash or building to a brighter more dramatic look.

For our purposes, we will lightly pat the pigment all over the hood of our eyelids, extending all the way up to the brow, following with a little bit of slick and shine like Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream (my absolute, all time, favorite, multitasker EVER).

I finished off my lips with Marc Jacob’s Lip Gel in “Moody Margot,” named after one of my favorite characters (and best Halloween costumes) ever. Angelic ladies can be moody too, a'ight? It’s the perfect satiny peach nude, to compliment your now porcelain mug, and glossy pink eye.

Now go out there and trick some innocents into thinking you really are that sweet.

After we have our day look under control, it’s time for the “I’m no angel (yes I am)" nighttime vibe. This look isn’t necessarily as straightforward as the daytime look. It’s more like my David-Lynch-heroine-inspired angelic look. Pretty '50s, kind of freaky, all-out fabulous, and BROWS.

Using the same face makeup I used on the daytime look, but without a glossy pink eye this time, I went full on with brows.

Instead of gold, a-la-Dior, I used bronze--a little cheekier, and easier to wear. With a slanted eyebrow brush I used Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in #15 following with a dusting of L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe. Isabella Rossellini as Perdita Durango is that YOU?!

As far as the lip goes, we are going to go pastel, but not as pigment-rich as Tilbury’s interpretation at Prabal Gurung. NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Paimpol is the ultimate pink chiffon hue, which acts almost as a stain in the pearliest of pale pinks.

So there you go: angelic bitch over here ready for day or night.