Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Is the Palette I Didn’t Know I Needed

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten this excited about eyeshadow.
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July 26, 2016
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Aside from a couple of bright eyeshadow palettes, I’ve been trying really hard to avoid adding more palettes to my collection. The last neutral-ish palette I got was the Laura Mercier Artist Palette which was almost a year ago. I’ve seen some really lovely neutral palette launches since then, but none that I really felt like I needed until the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette came out. I already dipped into it a little bit for LOTW recently, but I wanted to go in-depth for you guys because I am obsessed with it.

As far as shade-selection goes, this palette is full of warm-toned shadows, including some orange, pink, and red tones, which makes it fairly unique as far as neutral palettes go. It's mostly matte shades as well, which I think is pretty interesting. At first I was nervous about that because I love shimmery shadows, but I think the shades are so beautiful that I ended up not being so bothered by it.

One thing I will say: I would have loved to see one more shimmer shade in a mid-tone gold in the place of one of the transition shades. There are three shimmer shades, a pale gold, an ivory, and a deep bronze. Unfortunately, the two lightest shades are very light against my skin tone, so they read almost identical. I think a mid-tone gold would have made this palette a bit more versatile.

Shadow quality is very important to me, and I think this palette is excellent in that respect. All of the shades a quite pigmented and consistent from shadow to shadow. They do have quite a bit of fallout, but I think it’s more because the powders are so soft. I do my eye makeup first, so I don’t mind fallout as long as the shadows blend well, and these blend beautifully. The only shadow I found with a slight inconsistency to the rest of the shades is Love Letter, which I found to be slightly on the dry side. It still blends well, though, and I absolutely love the shade.

I always wear primer under my shadows, so that obviously aids in longevity of wear, but these shadows stay looking fresh all day long. Incidentally, I fell asleep in my makeup one night recently (shame on me) including an eye look I had done using these shadows, and they still looked so good that I just redid my face makeup and left the shadow the way it was for the day!

The packaging of this palette has a velvety casing, mirror inside, and a magnet closure. Also included is a dual-ended brush with one side being a small shader brush and the other being a short, fluffy blending brush. The brush quality is decent but probably not something I would pick up individually if it wasn’t already included; the bristles are a bit rough compared to what I’m used to, but the blending-brush side is the perfect size for working color into the outer third of the crease.

Here are a few pics of the palette in action:

  • Have you guys been wooed by this palette too?
  • What are the things you really look for in a palette?