Halloween Tutorial: American Horror Story: Asylum

This costume is terrifying AND easy to do.

Who's pumped for the season premiere of American Horror Story? I don't know about you, but I feel really, really good about this year's "Freak Show" theme and have been genuinely frightened by the flash promos. In fact, I've got high hopes for this one being my favorite season to date. Last year's American Horror Story: Coven was pretty rad, but a little too campy for me. I prefer being terrified to the bone, ya know? Freak Show ought to do the trick.

The promo for season two (Asylum) was truly creepy. Second :18 omg.

Anyway, my all-time favorite season has to be American Horror Story: Asylum, which aired in 2012/2013 and took place at a twisted insane asylum run by nuns. The promo poster is eerie and frightening and, in my opinion, the perfect Halloween costume. It's spooky enough to creep everyone out, and iconic enough for those who watch the show that you're bound to get plenty of "oohs!" and "ahhs!"

Here's What You Need For This American Horror Story: Asylum Costume

  • Liquid White Face Paint (I used Kryolan Aquacolor Liquid in White)
  • Liquid Black Face Paint (I used Kryolan Aquacolor Liquid in Black)
  • White lipstick (I used an NYX Macaron Lipstick in Coconut)
  • Pink lipstick (I used The Body Shop Lipstick in Color Crush)
  • Lipstick brush, eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush, and makeup sponge
  • White turtleneck
  • White sheet

STEP 1: Ghostly White Pallor

Start by applying your white face makeup to a clean face. Use a damp makeup sponge to dab the color on with a gentle hand. Go over every part of your face--including your eyebrows--and under your chin.

Here's what it looks like after one coat with the makeup sponge. As you can see, it's still not as opaque as it should be. This calls for round two.

For fuller coverage, I dipped slightly wet fingers into the makeup and packed it on. This does take some time. In fact, it's the most time-consuming part of this costume. Just continue applying until everything looks even.

STEP 2: Undead (Ombréd) Pink-And-White Lips

I prefer a chalky white lipstick (like NYC Macaron Lipstick in Coconut) to white face makeup on my lips, simply because it has more texture and feels more comfortable.

On the promo poster, the nun's lips have a slightly pink ombre effect going on. To replicate that, use a lipstick brush and a bright pink lipstick (I'm using The Body Shop Lipstick in Color Crush) to coat the inner portion of your lips. Then blend it out.

Here's what the ombre lip looks like. It's pretty subtle, but I love that tiny pop of color.

STEP 3: Inky Black Tears

Now grab your black face makeup. Using an eye shadow brush, apply the color in thin layers, slowly building up the opacity, onto your lids. You can use a smaller detail brush later to create a smoother line. I decided to do the black lids in lieu of Scelra contacts, because it's much cheaper and way more comfortable.

Using an eyeliner or detail brush, draw black streams that run down your face. If you're using Kryolan Aquacolor Liquid, note that the thicker the streams, the longer they take to dry. Kryolan's black makeup does take longer to dry than the white, so give yourself adequate pre-party time.

Finally, throw on a white turtleneck. (I put mine on before I did the black makeup.) For the habit, you can either drape a white sheet over your head or buy an actual white habit.

So, AHS fans, what do you think? Creepy enough? And are you as excited about Freak Show as I am?

P.S. Confession: I creeped myself out hardcore when looking into the mirror with this makeup on. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.