The Eyeshadows That Broke Me Out of My Naked Palette Rut

There’s nothing wrong with being loyal to a brand, but I was limiting myself by not branching out.
Publish date:
January 18, 2016
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When I first started really using makeup, I asked for an Urban Decay Naked Palette for Christmas. There was so much possibility in that brown, velvety packaging.

I watched dozens of YouTube videos about how to create different looks and when YouTubers moved on from my favorite palette to newer products, I duplicated their looks with the closest alternatives I could find amongst my trusty 12 shades.

For years, I stood by my beloved palette and ended up with a makeup collection that consisted of Naked, Naked2, Naked3, and Naked2 Basics. How I didn’t end up with the original Naked Basics, I’m not sure.

But as I learned more about beauty, watched hundreds more YouTube videos, and read tons of articles, I felt like I was missing out. I realized I was limiting myself to one brand. I wasn’t experiencing different colors and formulas. I could never really know what I liked if I never tried anything else. My beauty routine wasn’t exciting for me anymore; it was just the same thing every day.

So I started branching out.

It started small — a few NYX products here, a Bobbi Brown palette there. Soon, I found myself not only using products I absolutely loved, I could create so many more looks by mixing and matching brands.

Lately I’ve been all about the Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette, which has some amazing matte neutral shades. I’ll pair the mauve shadow, Natural Beauty, with my L’Oreal Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadow in Amber Rush, a shimmery pink champagne color.

It's still a neutral look like I had with the Naked palette, but finding new combinations keeps things interesting.

For a cool alternative to a black and gray smoky eye, I love MAC Eye Shadow in Everyone’s Darling from the MACnificent Me collection. I blend that onto the outer half of my eyes and then add my NARS Steven Klein Eyeshadow in Stud.

It’s a cool, vampy combo I would never have found if I hadn’t stopped playing it safe with the same palettes all the time.

When I’m looking for a more natural look but don’t want to go without liner, I love using my Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner in Copper Ink. It’s not as harsh as a black liner and gives me a cool metallic touch when I pair it with the matte shadows from my LORAC Pro Matte Palette. I blend Latte, Bare, and Linen together for a soft natural look.

Now when I sit down for my morning ritual, I’m excited to see what new looks I can come up with as I rifle through my makeup collection. I look at all my products and see hundreds of potential combinations. I didn’t even feel the need to buy the Naked Smoky palette when it was released in July!

Of course I still pull out my beloved Naked palettes from time to time. When I went on vacation in November, the only shadows I brought along were in the ones in the Naked3 Palette. The mix of rosy matte and shimmery shades was perfect for a five-day vacay and didn’t take up a ton of space in my bag.

I know I’ll always go back to some of my favorites from Urban Decay. But since I’ve opened my eyes to new brands and new products, I’ve found so much more to love in the world of makeup.

There’s nothing wrong with being loyal to a brand and loving it no matter what, but I’ve learned that loyalty doesn’t mean never testing other products out. I’ll always be a fan of the entire Urban Decay brand (I really want to try out the new Gwen Stefani palette) and the rest of the Naked line, but I needed to see what else was out there so I could fall in love with makeup all over again.

  • Are you a Naked palette addict like I was?
  • Which makeup brand to tend to lean on out of comfort or habit?