Beauty Dare: A Week With No Makeup!

And the mask that's gonna get me through it.
Publish date:
April 22, 2013
masks, YSL, concealers, beauty dares, sk-ii, no makeup

I have fasted in my life many times before. Juice fast (killed it for five days and never doing it again), shopping fast (failed repeatedly)... but a makeup fast is a whole different ball game all together.

Since I started messing with makeup, my mother has warned me that my skin will go to hell, and while I hope to prove her otherwise, I do have uneven skin tone that I'd really like to improve.

I've decided that only two things will be allowed on my skin when I'm out this week, plus I've bought a box of something something so expensive I had to cut my hair off and sell it for some dough. Watch to find out what it is: