9 Pretty Things On The Internet: I Tried A Super-Duper Frosty Holiday Makeup Look

I've never really messed with a frosty lip before today... not since 8th grade, at least.
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December 4, 2013
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• I tried out The Beauty Department's "Winter Frost" Holiday makeup look -- it's very frosty (both the eye and lip), and it's not a look I'd try without a detailed full-face tutorial like this one. All of my eyeshadow is from the Makeup For Ever palette, Midnight Glow. I think a bold lip is more flattering on me, and I rarely tight-line my lower lids, but overall, I don't hate this look for holiday parties.

• Speaking of which... How to tight-line your eyes. [Makeup.com]

• It's not too late to give yourself an awesome Hanukkah mani. [ELLE.com]

Grooming secrets of the NBA. Spoiler: They use lots of girlie stuff. [The Wall Street Journal]

10 great candles to put you in the holiday spirit.[NYLON]

• Fascinating! These are the top 10 most-viewed beauty-related videos on YouTube. [Fashionista]

10 heat-protectant sprays under $20. I guess 10 is the number of the day. [Allure]

• This round-up of peppermint-scented beauty products is delightful. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

• A detailed guide to growing out your hair while protecting your ends. [BeautyHigh]

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