4 Non-Cat-Eye Ways To Use Black Liquid Liner

Specifically, Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner, which I've loved and relied on for years.
Publish date:
January 3, 2014
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My most beloved makeup product by a mile is my Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner. It is the only product other than tampons that I stash in every drawer, bag, coat pocket, and husband’s jeans (sorry, babe) just in case there’s an emergency cat-eye situation.

My love of this foam-tipped liquid eyeliner pen came from growing up glued to a ballet barre, where, early on, I learned the art of gaudy stage makeup. After receiving some liquid eyeliner from my ballet mistress, I started wearing a cat eye daily during middle school and pretty much never looked back.

When people ask me how to do a perfect cat eye, I always go back to the standards that my ballet mistress instilled in me: practice makes perfect. I understand that’s not useful advice, but it’s true. I started doing cat eyes in the seventh grade--get on my level. My practical advice comes down to having a very wet pen because you can draw a smoother line than with pencils, brushes, or gels, and the Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner maintains its wet and pigmented quality longer than any I have tried.

Unfortunately, there is one major issue I discovered after years of donning a cat eye: when I’ve left home without it, I’ve had co workers and close friends tell me I look so different.

That’s my real face! My eyes are droopy and I have the tiniest straightest eyelashes possible but that’s me--deal with it.

I know I’ll never completely break my cat-eye habit but I am determined to go on a break long enough to start accepting my naturally droopy eyes and learn to love them, too. Plus I think if I say “cat eye” one more time, I might barf. It’s the “YOLO” equivalent of makeup terms; please, let’s make it stop before 2014.

But what to do with my arsenal of my favorite liquid eyeliner pens? I decided to try out some new looks to put my stash to good use…

My first eye look is inspired by the makeup at Christian Siriano’s 2013 Fall/Winter collection. That’s so (literally) now but in fashion world it’s a year ago. I’m confused.

I lined my eyes and waterline with the liquid eyeliner. Maybe putting liquid eyeliner on my waterline isn’t the healthiest technique, but it’s no worse than rubbing pencil in your eye and at least this stays put without reapplying it.

I used a Q-tip to smudge the liner when it was wet. I’ve never tried a smoky eye without adding a cat eye, and turns out I love it. It’s very anti-Kardashian. Puppy eyes for life.

Next, I used it to cover my lips.

If you’re going for a black matte look, stop here. I decided to go over it with Clinique’s Black Honey to give my lips a subtle berry tone. I prefer using my eyeliner over investing actual money into crazy lipstick I’m only ever going to wear once, at the risk of hearing this.

My third look finally allowed me to marry my favorite makeup product with my favorite feature.

I was really worried I would end up looking like Lena Dunham on that one episode of her show when she gets her brows penciled in, but since I already have heavy eyebrow fur, I don’t think this altered my appearance too much.

My trick to making a supe- strong brow less severe and wearable is having tons of hair in my face (fancy, right?). Bangs would be ideal for this look, but that’s not happening today so I just messed up my hair and pushed it over my face.

Taking off eyeliner this strong requires some heavy duty makeup remover. Water alone will not take this stuff off, so I like to use Egyptian Magic because it’s oil-based but not runny, so I can really rub it in and dissolve all the ColorStay-ness.

Liquid eyeliner is the most versatile beauty product that I’ve been using in the least versatile way my entire tween-to-adult life. It definitely earns its spot as my favorite product.

As a final test to express my love for this liquid eyeliner, I tried out some trendy tattoo placements. I dare you to guess which of my dainty forearm tattoos is real. Or are they both fakes?