4 Different Looks For Green Eyes, And No, They Aren't All Purple

4 looks to brighten up your sultry, rare, beautiful, amazing green eyes.
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April 26, 2013
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So I was talking to someone about certain types and how people are attracted to certain types, like looks-wise, and he goes "I know in NYC the popular opinion is brunettes over blondes, but I definitely prefer blue-eyed blondes like you."

And I was like, "My eyes are green. Thanks for the drink. Duces."

Unless you are colorblind like this one guy I dated late last summer who was nice enough to immediately ask me what color my eyes were because he can't tell the difference between blue, green and gray, you should know that between green and blue, there's a difference!

My eyes are green, not blue. OK? Are we clear? Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on blue eyes. I date blue-eyed dudes on the regular and actually love donning a blue contact every now and again just to freak people out. Heterochromia style needs to be a thing.

I just really like my green eyes. Green eyes are rare, and I happen to have them, and I just want to show them off to the world.

As you may remember from Beth's post on complementing shades for your eye color, she is correct: red is definitely a complement to green, as is purple and gold. This inspired me to play around with these color combos to create some intense looks for green eyes.

I know you are so bored with purple, but hear me out. This purple is different. It's practically burgundy. Actually it's Turbo Lover, Autograph Pencil by Kat Von D, who I have to admit makes amazing liners that are easy to apply and stay put. The liner goes on soft, almost creamy.

First I apply primer. Then I line both lids. Add mascara. That's it. That's all I do.

It's actually a great day look since it's not completely jarring, but still very vampy. And the color is absolutely lovely and subtle warmer tones will do wonders for your green eyes. Trust me, no one will be confused about your eye color.

My next favorite go-to look is classic, and as hard as it looks because it requires black liquid liner. I actually prefer to apply it after a glass of wine or two because I'm not as nervous. Liquid liner demands a steady hand, don't you know.

I'm a huge fan of lots of pigment, and sometimes I like to goth it up. I'm currently obsessed with Purple Stilettos by Sephora. Its bright, matte purple has a reddish shade to it and will make your green eyes pop.

Again, start with a good primer (or concealer) to help the color stay put on your upper lid.

I suggest applying the shadow with a small to medium brush. Make sure to really get in your crease, as well.

Now here comes the hard part. I love adding a very thin cat eye on top of the shadow. Right now I'm using Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D in Trooper. It's great because it looks like a pencil so you feel like you're using a pencil, when in fact you are actually using liquid. The precision brush attached gives you continuous application (you may have to give it a good shake every now and again).

Pro tip: It's called Tattoo Liner for a reason. I fell asleep in it one night (like face down and in my clothes, oops) and woke up to perfect makeup in the morning. Hot floozies take note.

Next up is one of my absolute favorite looks and absolutely no purple.

Sephora asked me if I wanted to try on this shade and I was like "Um, yes. Send it over like immediately." The shade is called Girls Night Out and I suggest applying it while listening to "Girls Night Out" by The Knife. I love that it's not just gold--it's deeper than that.

It looks amazing with a cat eye or blended on the inner corners of your eyes. The gold will give your green eyes more of an army green shade, but I like it and say you should definitely try it out for yourself.

I like to apply it all over my top lids and then add a thin cat eye. Check me out.

Finally, i decided to try something completely new and different. At least it is to me.

I've been on a bit of a rebellious streak lately. Have you noticed I started wearing an earring on my old cartilage piercing from like the seventh grade? I'm single-handedly bringing the '90s back.

Anyway, I decided to take out that Creme Colour Concentrate from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in Grandma, dip a lip brush into it and apply it as eyeliner. I lined my upper lids and then lined the outsides of my lower lids. At first I tried to go all cat eye with it, but one of my guy friends was like, "Too much." I think he was right.

And here's a close up in case you needed more of me.

Alright, green-eyers, what are you favorite shadows?