4 Ways To Change Your Look In 2015

I vow to do these four things before graduation.
Publish date:
January 5, 2015
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I don’t think many of you know this about me, but I’m still a college student at the University of Georgia. Yes, smack dab in the middle of the conservative south. Come May, though, I’m graduating and moving up to New York with not much more than a suitcase and my cat (and my beauty stash, duh.).

Before I have to get all buttoned up for job interviews and the like, I’ve got about five months to go completely H.A.M. on my appearance. So, what’s a gal to do? I’ve got a few ideas.

Bold, Sassy Eye Makeup

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m definitely in an eye makeup rut. Day after day I don thick brows, a cat-eye, and voluminous mascara. Maybe some bronze eye shadow, if I feel so inclined. I think this comes partially from the fact that at Southern universities, Greek life dominates: sorority girls wear Nike shorts, big T-shirts, and tennis shoes, and snicker at students who choose to get made up for class. It’s always made me feel insanely self-conscious, but no longer. I’ve been totally inspired by Ulta’s Perfect Ten Mini Eye Crayon Collection, which includes 10 highly pigmented, easy-to-apply eye shades. My shadow’s going to be off the chain, y’all.

IDGAF Makeup Application Skills

Confession time: I’ve always envied women who wake up at a decent hour, brush their teeth, rush to the subway, and apply their makeup flawlessly on public transportation, wobbly hand be damned. This semester I plan on mastering the technique before I graduate to the big leagues of the MTA, because I love sleep more than most other things, and besides, “beauty sleep” is a totally valid concept, right? Luckily, I’ve found a brush set that’ll help me out exponentially: It Brushes For Ulta Your Beautiful Basics Travel Set. At only $20 and featuring a powder brush, an eye shadow brush, and a liner/brow brush, what more could I need? I’m ready to slip this in my bag and go, go, go.

Rainbow-Hued Tresses

So far this year I’ve gone pastel pink and fire-engine red, shades that have caught major attention--both good and bad--at my school. Right now I’m feeling like a unicorn in the best way: I’m back to platinum, but with some baby pink streaks sprinkled throughout. Not only is the color dope, thanks to my wonderful colorist, but it’s also a clean slate for whatever’s next. Teal? Perhaps a super trendy gray? The world is my oyster.

Tattoos Up The Wazoo

Not that I won’t be able to get tats up in NYC, but I’m thinking this might be the last time for a while that I’ll have spending money to spare for some ink. Right now I’ve got three, and I’m dreaming of a few more: an Alphonse Mucha-inspired Athena tattoo on my shoulder blade and an ankle tattoo of the map coordinates of Manhattan. Plus, David Hale, a legendary tattoo artist, works out of Athens, Georgia, but his wait list is miles long. I’m hoping to convince him to ink me up before I skip town.

  • Anyone else planning on letting loose beauty-wise in 2015?
  • Which hair color should I try next? Help, please!
  • And, of course, show me your tats!