A Dramatic Holiday Look Straight From A 1965 Cover Of Vogue UK

You know what says "Christmas"? Dramatic black eyeliner and pearls stuck to your face.
Publish date:
November 20, 2013
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I love looking through old magazines, and when I find something good, I have to try it. I found this picture of the 1965 cover of Vogue UK and
thought it would be the perfect holiday look.

This isn’t your typical holiday look, but it’s so pretty!

The model looks so glamorous, but still has some uniqueness
to her. Pearls can’t not be glamorous, right?


I used my go-to Smashbox BB cream all over and a BareMinerals
powder on top to give it a sheer shimmer.

For the cheeks, I used MAC Powder Blush in Mocha. It's a soft plum-pink shade that goes on matte. I applied a small amount,
since the model in the photo doesn’t seem to have too much on.


Any peachy-pink lipstick works well with this look, but you
can definitely go for a red to be a little dramatic. This whole thing is about
being dramatic, so why stop at the eyes?


Draw in your eyebrows and extend them to make them a tiny
bit longer.

I wanted to use a pearly white shadow, so I used Virgin from
the Naked Palette. It is very sheer and shimmery, so I applied several coats of

I started at the lash line and ended right before the crease of the eye.
Using a highly pigmented white cream shadow will probably work better if you
want to make the white pop.

Grab your gel liner. I used Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink. The color is a rich black and doesn’t move around. It also doesn’t come off
that easily, which is always a big plus for me.

With an angled flat brush or a fine-point brush to get into the
inner corners of the eye, draw a line from the end of your eyebrow towards your
eye, like you would a cat eye, but stop at the crease of the eye.

Then continue extending the line toward the
inner corner of the eye, drawing slightly above the crease. Keep following the line and go past your eye.
Once you reach your nose bring the line back up creating a small triangle
ending at the tear duct.

Next draw small
lines pointing downward on your lower lash line progressively getting longer
the closer you get to the outside of the eye. I drew 10 on each side.

And the hardest part
is done!

Now apply a rich
black mascara. Make sure to use a lot--this is the ‘60s. I decided to skip the false lashes for this, but you can definitely use them if you want to give the eye more drama.

To finish off the
look, apply a pearl just below the eyes with eyelash glue. I used pearls from
an old pearl bracelet that was about to fall apart. Buying some fake pearls
would be better, though, since they are definitely going to fall at the end of
the night if you’ve had one too many glasses of cider.

Not so subtle, huh? You
could skip the pearls, but I think it looks so pretty!

What do you guys
think? Would you try this?