Beauty Dare: 100 Layers of Eyeshadow

AKA this week's poor life choice.
Publish date:
August 11, 2016
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Beauty bloggers and vloggers have really taken this “100 layers of…” thing to a whole new level, so with some reader prodding (*chants* peer pressure, peer pressure, peer pressure) I decided to burden my eyelids with 100 layers of eyeshadow.

Of all these challenges, I think this is probably the least time-consuming, but it was certainly interesting, to say the least.

So, after 25 layers I was feeling cautiously optimistic. My original plan was to layer by color (i.e. lightest to darkest) in hopes of avoiding any major catastrophes. But honestly? It started to get a little tedious to keep track of the order.

I used about five different palettes, so bouncing from palette to palette in that way was not a great strategy.

My lids were beginning to feel a bit dry at this point, but it wasn’t too heavy overall.

I thought it would be a good idea to gently sweep the fallout from under my eyes, but obviously, this was one of many poor choices that I made in this endeavor. I’d been at it for about 40 minutes at this point, but to be fair, I was also watching Jurassic Park.

By the time I got to layer 75, my lids were so dry they were actually starting to hurt a little. No bueno.

Also, I’m pretty sure I inhaled more shadow than what actually made it on my lids. Not even kidding, I might as well have just lined it up and given it a good snort, if you know what I mean.

Finally finished! I couldn’t smell anything but eyeshadow, but the whole process was not as bad as I thought it would be. Mostly, my eyes felt very stiff and mildly irritated.

I decided to go ahead and put finishing touches on the “look” because why not? The last layer I did was with a foiled shadow; it actually showed up a different shade than the sludge I'd gotten used to looking at, and it looked fairly decent despite applying terribly over the other 99 layers.

The biggest surprise: It all came right off with a healthy dose of micellar water!

  • What's your take on the 100 Layers trend?
  • Would you ever try one of these challenges yourself? If so, which?