Makeup For Ever, Free Stuff, and Why We'll Never Lie To You About Something Being Awesome

Sometimes companies give us stuff, but that's not why we like them.
Publish date:
May 17, 2011
shoppables, honesty, makeup, eyeliner, makeup for ever

Ah, the glamorous life of a blogger. We've been doing the top-knot since it was just "that crazy twist you pull your unwashed hair into before you leave the house for the first time at 2 p.m." But it's not all Diet coke breakfasts and getting laptop burn on our pantsless legs. Because we are members of the media! (We are.)

Which means sometimes people want to give us stuff without making us pay for it, like the other night when fashion ed Laia and I went to a Diesel/Makeup For Ever event where we received a free pair of jeans, mini-makeovers and a goodie bag of mascara, eyeliner (we both snuck two) and lipstick. Not to mention champagne and macaroons.

Also as MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA, we rely on advertisers to pay our virtual rent. Well, at least we will. As I write this, we haven't launched yet, so technically we're relying on Charlotte's college fund to pay our virtual rent. But the point I want to make is that while we'll almost certainly develop relationships with companies that advertise on our site, and while we might even some day avoid writing about something that sucks because of those relationships, we will never. ever. ever. tell you something is awesome if it isn't. It just ain't our style. What's awesome to me may not be awesome to Hannah, or Laia, or even you, but I won't say it unless I mean it.

And the point of accepting, nay, soliciting free stuff is so that we can try it out and let you know for real what we think is awesome. And this Makeup For Ever Aqua Liner is. Hot pink is probably the choicest, but I got the basic black because I am a daily liquid eyeliner user, and the harder, pointier tip made the application way easy. And that's coming from someone who falls standing still.

I actually got so obsessed with super-matte colors of the Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick that I went out and bought like 4 more with my own good money. (Which Cat hates when I do, because she can just call stuff in.) Here I am wearing the liner and Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in 42, which I don't mind saying looks pretty rad with my tortoiseshell glasses.