The Computer Screen You're Reading This on Is Damaging Your Skin so Maybe You Should Be Using This Primer

Did you know that the light from your TV, your phone, and your computer screen can be very harmful to your skin?
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March 2, 2016
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Beauty in 2016 is great because (if you look hard enough) there really is a product for everything. Things are finally beginning to feel more inclusive, accessible, and customizable. The playing field is starting to be a little more even. Technology is great, too. You can do anything from your iPhone: order a pizza, call an Uber, drunk shop. It's awesome! My motto is "If I can't do it from my phone, I'm not going to do it." Feel free to use that. What's mine is yours.

All of these advancements in cosmetics and tech can coincide to make for some incredible beauty products and tools. On the flip side, sometimes it feels like every new discovery comes hand in hand with something new to worry about.

FOR INSTANCE: Did you know that the light from your tv, the phone in your pocket, and the computer screen that you're reading this article off of can be very harmful to your skin? Of course it can! Because it's 2016 and everything is fucking terrifying. I'm not going to fear monger without a product rec. so just pop a Xan and keep on reading.

I was checking out MAKE Beauty a few weeks ago, and I fell in love with them because they approach their line as beauty for everybody. The collection and visuals are beautifully androgynous, and, just when I thought that everyone had done everything possible in beauty, they come through with innovative formulas, colors, and products like the one we're talking about today.

So, I was all excited about the MAKE Beauty collection, and the one product that jumped out at me was the Moonlight Primer ($55).

It's supposed to shield you and your skin from High Energy Visible Light — the blue-violet invisible light emitted from all of our devices — and Infrared Light. These two factors can (supposedly) lead to premature aging and skin damage and are both emitted from all of the tech devices we all use every day.


It sounded like a good product in theory, but this was the first time I'd ever heard of these skincare risks, let alone these types of light, so I wanted to do a little research. While studies on High Energy Visible (HEV) Light, especially those related to our skin, are still little hard to come by, the consensus among them all is that HEV rays are as damaging to the skin as harmful UVA and UVB rays combined. My stomach dropped when I read that. Like, how many products do you expect me to fit on my face at once? I know I always joke that have a big face but damn.

Summer is right around the corner, so everyone is hung up (and rightfully so) on making sure they're including a good SPF in their skincare routine, but I've never heard of any product that protects against High Energy Visible light, until now.

The main effect of HEV rays on skin is the degradation of the outer and lipid layers of the skin, which result in accelerated water loss. One of my personal cornerstones of skincare is to just keep your damn skin moisturized at all times, because hydrated skin always looks healthier. But your skin's ability to retain moisture is a direct reflection of its health so if you damage the lipid layer which seals moisture in, you're gonna be in some trouble. Other long term effects of unprotected exposure to HEV rays are dryness, wrinkles and fine lines, and uneven pigmentation.

I'm sure that one of you reading this has a more working knowledge of HEV rays and their effects on our skin (and eyes!) so feel free to give it to us down in the comments.

We're not seeing a whole ton of products to protect our skin from HEV rays because research is still being conducted, so MAKE Beauty is leading the pack with a product that I'm sure we'll be seeing more of within the next few years.

The Moonlight Primer promises to keep makeup in place while protecting your skin from harmful HEV rays. The reason it's dark in color is because a light-filtering agent is required to block out the HEV rays. There wasn't much more information about this on the product, so I hit up the MAKE team to explain just what makes the primer so dark.

It's a mix of the vegetal melanin for the HEV light and mainly chicory root that helps to synthesize the Vitamin D. We intentionally made it more dark because it activates upon the touch and immediately drys down into a clear moisturizer.

There are four parts to the Moonlight Primer: HEV Light and Infrared light are fought from the ingredient that comes from the Vegetal Melanin. Chicory Root helps to synthesize your Vitamin D. We also use glycerine to make it a moisturizer (colorless,) and the active algae is what fights against environmental soot and exhaust (colorless.)

No matter how large your pores are, this product dries down clear and acts as a hybrid moisturizer and primer. Put it on before your BB cream, foundation or SPF.

As you can tell, the gel is black but rubs into your skin clear, leaving behind no trace of color whatsoever. Like any good primer, it rubs in and stays tacky for about 30 seconds to give your makeup something to cling to, and then dries down to be silky against your skin.

It can be worn under makeup, or just paired with your skincare for extra protection. The only downside about this primer is that, though it's one of the only products to protect skin from HEV light, it doesn't have any protection from UVA or UVB rays, so be sure to pair it with your favorite SPF. You can layer it under your existing skincare routine or mix it in with your favorite moisturizer.

There are a lot of beauty products I look at as all hype, but I really do think there's something to this. Like many of you, I work at a computer all day and I'm constantly connected to my phone. HEV light is something that we're all going to have to be more aware of and I have a good feeling that this product is the first of many we'll be seeing in the future to keep us and our skin protected.

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