Also, what’s your favorite Nicki Minaj song? Mine is all of them.
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December 10, 2012

It’s that time of year again! No, not the holiday season -- time for VIVA GLAM!

Last Wednesday, MAC debuted this year’s VIVA GLAM campaign, which features Nicki Minaj stepping out all on her own as the face of VIVA GLAM with a new lipstick and lip glass called “Nicki 2” in an awesome shade of lavender.

(That’s me holding the perfect shade of lavender. Anything for a photo op.)

#LavenderIsTheNewPink, Nicki informed us on Wednesday as she debuted “Nicki 2.” Lavender is a surprising color choice for her, seeing as this is a woman who has made a career off of the color pink.(Everything she’s ever done has been somehow named “Pink Friday.” Branding! Mandy would be proud.)

How do you guys feel about the color? I dig it! It’s not intensely lavender, more of a lavender meets mauve or “dusty rose.”

Nicki 2 Matte Lipstick and Lip Glass will land on counters on February 9th of 2013, but if you want to get a jump on rocking lavender lips, I’ve got a few ideas for you.

One of the best matches would be Racquel by KA’OIR

Racquel is a lovely, true lavender shade. A bit more intensely lavender than Nicki’s, still pastel but with violet undertones. While it’s a bit darker than Nicki 2, if you’re looking to get a jump on lavender lips, Racquel is a good place to start.

Next is Lime Crime D’Lilac Opaque Lavender Lipstick.

It leans a little more blue than Nicki’s does but it’s got the brightness of Nicki 2, and it’s noticeably more opaque. Most shades of lavender lipstick look truly lavender while on the stick, but apply sheer and appear more magenta. This one will have you covered. This shade is currently sold out on their website, Amazon and Karmaloop, but head over to their site anyway and take a look around anyway. Lime Crime makes opaque lipsticks in virtually every color you can imagine, so if you’re not into the lavender look, you can try yellow like Nicki once did, blue like Ke$ha tried to make happen or black like Gaga in the Telephone video.

“But Tynan,” you exclaim, “I want to try a lavender lip, but I would really love a more wearable version, and it would be even better if I could buy it at my local drugstore.”

Don’t worry, honeypot! You, too, can get in on the lavender scene.

Divine by CoverGirl

Divine is a much more subdued lavender shade, almost more of a magenta with lavender undertones. Not too crazy to wear to the office and perfect to reapply before a night out with ya gurlz. Definitely the most wearable of the three shades and so, so pretty.

And while you’re at the drugstore, why don’t you snatch a matching nail color as well?

Lilacism is THE shade of lavender, isn’t that shit pretty? Essie is my favorite brand of nail polish, so of course they have a shade that’s just right. God, I love Essie. What’s your favorite brand?

So, ladies. TELL ME YOUR FEELINGS about this lavender lip nonsense. What’s your favorite Nicki Minaj song? Mine is all of them.

(Oh also, can we discuss what exactly in the hell is happening on her left foot in that VIVA GLAM photo? The silver strap on her left shoe, like, disappears, right? It just fades away. I’m so confused.)

Tynan is wearing Nicki Minaj’s fragrance on Twitter @TynanBuck.