One Quick Last-Minute Addition to Lip Stuff I'm Into

Always, always make friends with the beauty editor.
Publish date:
June 28, 2012

Darling Julie, who knows that the only beauty things I care about are lipstick and my hair, recently gifted me with this limited edition Ruffian Red from M.A.C. (She tried the press-on nails from the same line.) Sometimes it seems like I have every shade of red lipstick in the world, but even Julie told me very seriously, "I can see that this is a slightly different shade." Here I am wearing it at my desk:

It's a (matte, of course) slightly-darker-than-medium red. For M.A.C junkies, it's similar in tone to Russian Red, but a tad lighter. I've seen it described as a "blood red." And we all know, I like my lipsticks like I like my men -- bloody! I'd also love to try the Gold Glitter shade that's part of this same collection.

This is a re-release -- the collab is one of those culty beauty prods that immediately sold out when it was first introduced a few years ago. So if you do decide to get it, you can feel self-important every time you use it for the next few years after it's been long sold out. I'm just here to help you be a little bit better than other people.