M.A.C Press on Nails are Perfect for Manicure Haters Like Me

Stick these bad boys on and skip life-wasting dry time -- FOREVER!
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June 7, 2012
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I used to be one used to one of those people who gets a manicure every week, wasting countless hours with hands under a fan, drying my stupid nails. As a fidgeter, drying was always the worst part of having my hands tended to. I switched to nude polish for a while to reduce dry time, but I still felt impatient. Finally I just stopped using polish and getting manicures all together.

The only drawback? Of the many ways that I fidget, nail picking is the most prominent. This off-putting habit has left me with short, uber-masculine nails that horrify nail-obsessed Olivia, but don't really bother me. Until I see pictures of Beyonce or Rihanna. See if I did have nails, I wouldn't go for short and classic, I would want full on talons.

Enter Ruffian's new collection of press on nails for M.A.C.*

Each kit comes with a set of 24 press-on nails in descending size order, which eliminates the creepy too-big look of other falsies. And they don't require glue, so you can stick them on spontaneously as I did Friday night before heading out. For best result, swipe your natural nails with remover first, which I neglected to do.

Obviously typing and dialing aren't exactly easy with tiny bird beaks affixed to my fingertips, but they make mundane office tasks look sexual so that I'm willing to compromise.

What do you think? Would you wear press-on nails? Also, are we feeling this elegant and tasteful piece of wristwear I dug out of my high school jewelry collection on a recent trip home?

*Kits available for a limited time starting June 18th at maccosmetic.com.

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