All About LUSH's Exciting New Product Line

SPOILER ALERT: It's awesome.
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July 20, 2012
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On Saturday, July 21st Lush will be launching an exciting new product line entitled "Emotional Brilliance."The launch has been cloaked in secrecy so as to excite the masses, but I was given the go-ahead to write about it and share my excitement with you all, so if you're keen to ruin the surprise, read on.

* * *

For years I had been wondering when Lush was going to launch a color line. In the past few years, their product line has expanded to include some awesome tins of lip stains and a line of "color supplements," tinted moisturizer-type creams, but I'd been left wanting MORE. So when I was invited to preview the new collection, I squealed with excitement when I walked in and discovered what it was all about.

Yes, Lush has launched a color line which, in total, now includes various bold, highly pigmented shades of liquid lipstick, liquid eyeliner, cream eye shadow, a mascara, two shimmery face tints (one a gorgeous pale golden shade for highlighting, another a bronze-y tone that is perfect for contouring), and a translucent setting powder.

Eyes Right mascara, which has a nice lengthening effect and can be layered for more drama, was designed for sensitive eyes. Compared to most mascaras, which contain 5 or 6 preservatives, this one only contains 1. 8.95, and Lush stores, July 21st.

The whole basis for the collection was inspired by the idea that wearing certain colors helps us feel a certain way. With the new line comes the launch of the color wheel game, which can be played in store. Spin the wheel and then pick the first three colors that you are drawn to. Don't pick your favorite color, or what you think will match what you're wearing, but rather whichever ones stand out to you immediately.

Various shades of liquid lipstick, cream eye shadow and liquid liner from the Emotional Brilliance collection. All of the longwearing shades are made with the same base and so they can be used anywhere on the face. All at $22.95, and Lush stores July 21st.

All the colors in the wheel have words attached to them, and the order you pick the colors matters too. The first color chosen is meant to represent a strength or weakness in your life, the second choice represents a subconscious need, and the third is your talent and what you will need to achieve the subconscious need.

Maybe this sounds a little crazy, but hey, I like the idea that wearing a bold blue liner named "Calm" can help me have a stress-free day. Placebo effect? Perhaps, but I'm all for bright make-up despite it.

I'm wearing Lush's new Emotional Brilliance Liquid Eyeliner in "Calm", $22.95, available at and in stores Saturday, July 21st.

So, do you believe in certain colors making you feel a certain way? I definitely know that wearing red lipstick makes me feel more put together, and wearing an all black outfit makes me feel like a badass. What colors do you wear when you want to feel a certain way?

Lush's Emotional Brilliance collection is available at lush.comand in all Lush stores on Saturday, July 21st. Prices range from $18.95 - $22.95.

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