Here's How Everyone's Favorite Glowy New Drugstore Foundation Held Up Over a Whole Sweaty, Busy Day

I love a good glow, obviously, but I’m also a control freak.
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June 24, 2016
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Last week, I was leaning against a friend’s desk in her office talking about, what else? Kylie Jenner.

KIDDING. We were talking about makeup. She grabbed her purse and whipped out a foundation she had recently purchased, telling me she was still a little on the fence about it. It was high end, one of the more expensive foundations you can buy at Sephora. I could tell she wanted to love it, but didn’t. Beauty bummers are the worst.

The certain foundation she had was good, just not what she was looking for. It was a glow foundation, to make your skin look luminous all day. Personally, I think that one in particular takes it too far. I’ve worn it before and my whole face looks shiny, which is where her problem was coming from.

I love a good glow, obviously, but I’m also a control freak (in all aspects of life, but especially with makeup.) There are parts of my face that I want to glow brighter than a search light, but there are others that I barely want any shine on at all. Sometimes glow foundations make you too glowy, all over.


Here I am wearing a blazer while my two best friends apparently lost track of their sleeves. On this night, I left home without a setting powder (CLEARLY.) I’m wearing a light but glowy foundation that I really like but, when left to its own devices after hours of wear, it gets real shiny. Everywhere.

Now, here’s a better example of my perfect glow. Sort of matte in all the right places with a strategically placed, heavy highlight. Really I’m just showing you guys this picture again because I look amazing.

Also here:

If I’m doing a quick face, I’ll use a foundation with a little glow. Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder Foundation is perfect for that. It’s just beautiful and I couldn’t fuck with it any harder.

But, If I’m doing more of a look with multiple products, I like to use a matte foundation to really control my glow.

But, L’Oreal is just now rolling out their new Infallible Pro-Glow foundation and everyone is going nuts about it. You can see where this is going.

I already love their Pro-Matte foundation — it’s one of the best foundations in the drugstore, in my opinion — so I was eager to get my hands on this glow foundation and get it on my bare face.

I did my whole beauty routine a little differently to get a good read on how this foundation wears. What I mean is this: when I was getting ready, I used a mattifying face wash and mattifying moisturizer, along with a matte primer, so that any glow I saw on my face would be from the foundation alone. Plus, I set it with a lot less powder than usual. Instead of hitting my forehead and my under eye area with something translucent to help fight oil, I just did a quick dusting and then let setting spray do the rest of the work. I really wanted to see this foundation do its thing.

Pro-Glow feels like a standard liquid foundation and gives you medium to full coverage. The only thing I noticed is, while it applies pretty easily, you have to make sure you’ve covered your whole face because it really clings to where you place it. I applied using a Beauty Blender and I found myself applying more and bouncing it around my face more than usual to get full, even coverage. It’s not hard to blend, it just stays where you put it when you’re applying, so keep a close eye on coverage.

In terms of glow, I was pretty impressed with it. "Glow" is an appropriate word to use because it's not shiny and I didn't find myself wanting to tone anything down right away. It's soft and luminous in all the right places.

I put on blush and a brow and went about my day, keeping a close eye on my face.

Remember how I immediately noticed that it wasn’t too glowy right off the bat? As the day wore on, my t-zone looked normal and my forehead didn't look like a solar panel at noon. You know where I tend to get oily? Under my eyes. Not my “under eye” area, those are occupied by bags and dark circles, but under those, right between the apples of my cheeks and my nose, I guess? Those looked fine to start, too. I went about my day, snapping a photo every couple hours to show my the foundation was behaving.

This was pretty soon after applying. My cheeks are glowing but my forehead is not. A win in my book.

Then I had to go out and buy a hundred bottles of rosé, so I snapped a photo then.

I wasn't actually driving when I took that photo, I just hate looking into the camera because I'm afraid you're going to steal my soul.

Before my friends came over, I was starting to look a little gleamy under my eyes, but not enough to really bother me. The picture below is pretty accurate evidence.

As is this one:

But, what's standing out to me here is my skin's luminosity, not any shine. By now, I'd usually hit shiny areas with a powder, but that's what I'd do with any foundation after around six hours of wear. It's otherwise holding up nicely. There was no fading, caking, or cracking, pretty decent all around.

This is today, after about four hours of wear:

It's luminous, but not over the top. It provides a great base to build other highlighters on top of, and helps to pull your whole face together for bright, healthy looking skin.

I'm very impressed. I thought that this glow foundation was going to do too much and I'd regret putting it on halfway through the day. I couldn't be more wrong. It doesn't leave you looking greasy or slick, just soft, glowy, and really, really pretty.

Have you tried L'Oreal Pro-Glow? What's your favorite drugstore product? Let's chat below.

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