Lorde Is the Latest Celebrity To Score A Beauty Contract. Do you Care?

I’m dying to know how much (or little) you’re swayed by the face of a brand.

The word is out that MAC is teaming up with Lorde for a limited-edition makeup collection due out this summer. It makes perfect sense for MAC to snatch her up – Lorde’s aesthetic is a perfect fit for the brand and her career is on fire. It’s kind of a no-brainer. Personally, I’m excited about the dark lipstick possibilities! Lorde wears goth shades all the time, so there’s bound to be some good, deep colors in her line. We shall see.

While I approve of this union, I’m wondering what you think about it. Part of my job is to be aware of these things, but if you don’t get paid to care, I’m curious about whether or not you even notice when a celebrity links up with a brand. It happens so often now, it’s like the fashion and beauty worlds have become completely co-dependent. But in this celeb-obsessed world, I get why hair, makeup and fragrance brands believe that bringing on famous faces is the way to go. It’s competitive out there, yo! And the strategy must be working.

The Lorde announcement has also got me thinking WHO WILL GET LUPITA?? I think all of the beauty companies that want her as their spokesperson (I’m sure there are a bunch who are circling her) should fight it out in a Hunger Games style competition. Whoever is left standing, gets to ink a cosmetics contract with her. Seems fair.

Of course beauty collaborations with young, hot stars are to be expected, but the partnerships that I find the most interesting are the ones that you don’t see coming. Like Charlotte Rampling, who at age 68, was just named the new face of NARS two weeks ago. I have no problem with newly minted It girls profiting from their success, but I LOVE to see ravishing older women celebrated, too. Starlets come and go, but there is a much shorter list of talents out there who are as known for their incredible bodies of work as much as their timeless beauty. Also shouldn’t women over 50 get to see beautiful campaigns that feature ladies in their own age bracket? And I don’t just mean ads for anti-wrinkle creams.

Alright, it’s your turn to grab the mic. How much do celebs influence your beauty spending? Which stars would you give a makeup contract to if you were in charge? Feel free to name delebs (dead celebs) if you want to. In that case, I vote for Eartha Kitt. How fabulous would that be?