My Lipstick Makes Me Look Like A Freak And Other Beauty Quirks

Please don't judge. I'm a weirdo.
Publish date:
October 22, 2013
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Those are my lipsticks. Every lipstick I have ever owned in my entire life takes this shape -- dating all the way back to the ill-advised Silver City Pink and Frosted Brownie of my middle school days.

Seriously, those were just a really bad decision with my coloring. But all the girls were wearing them! We were also sporting curl up/curl down bangs, skintight Guess jeans with zippers, and for a period of time walking around with plastic baggies filled with Kool-Aid powder which we'd eat with index fingers. Yeah, I don't even know where that came from. It was like homemade Fun Dip and we were obviously total weirdos.

But even back in 7th grade, my friends would get a good giggle over the odd shape of my lipsticks. What is it about how I apply that makes that arched shape? The skinny part gets thinner and thinner until it eventually breaks off and the process starts all over again. Unless I lose the tube which happens on the regs.

It's my beauty quirk and I kinda dig it. Apparently I am nothing if not incredibly consistent in the way I put on my lip color. And at least I'll always know which lipstick is mine.

The interwebs tell me (and I'm sure this is HIGHLY scientific) that this means I'm the following: creative, enthusiastic, energetic, talkative, loves attention, helpful and I fall in love easily.

Hmmm, I guess I am pretty much all of those things except for the falling in love thing since I basically gave up dating a few years ago. But that's a story for a different day -- I've got Emily, Mandy and Corynne on me to open for business again.

As it turns out Madeline is my lipstick shape twin. And lots of the other xoJaners have some funny beauty quirks of their own.

Louise has some issues with perfecting her braids, but only on the right said of her head: "When I braid my hair, the left side is a cinch. If there are little bumps, all the messy merrier. For some reason the right side is always TOO bumpy and I'll rebraid and rebraid the right side of my head over and over to get it JUST RIGHT. If that bump at the base of the back of my head is too big and bulbous it makes me cranky."

Lori never knows the true color of any of her lipsticks and glosses because she's constantly mixing them together.

Natalie says: "I always have to put my makeup on in exactly the same order every day, but I think that's pretty normal? Like, I would NEVER do my left eye first because my house would probably explode or something."

Claire has realllllly clean hair: "I have to wash my hair every morning before I do anything. If I don't, I will feel disgusting for the entire day and not be able to focus on anything. I even wash it before I go to the gym."

Kate is also a creature of habit: "I always pose the same way after I put on my makeup -- hand on the hip and smizing in the mirror -- which I discovered because I had foundation-colored smears on the side of all my dresses and shirts. D'oh."

Marianne is VERY attached to her tweezers: "I had a serious crisis last year because I finally lost my tweezers -- they were the first pair of tweezers I ever bought, in like, 1996. As much as I lose stuff, I managed to keep track of them for, like 15 years. I went through several pairs of new ones until I finally found a pair that was identical to my old ones. My eyebrows were a shambles in the meantime but nothing else would do."

What's your weird beauty quirk?