Live Like Marie Antoinette With This Très Luxe Lipstick (Because It's Fit For A Queen!)

Summer 2014: It's all about the rose gold lips. C'est bien!
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April 29, 2014
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By now, we all know that Marie Antoinette never actually uttered the words “Let them eat cake”, right? (But for the record, en Francais, it's said: "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche!") That line -- and it’s a good one -- was actually written by a man (Jean Jacques Rousseau, in his autobiography Confessions) at a time when Marie herself was barely eleven years old -- four years from arriving at Versailles to be married to Louis-Auguste and eight years away from becoming the last Queen of France.

But -- mon dieu! -- this silly myth has stood the test of time, and is often invoked whenever anyone wants to conjure up the image of a frivolous, decadent, devil-may care woman. That’s certainly the vision Australian makeup maven Poppy King had in mind while designing her luxurious new Lipstick Queen shade "Let Them Eat Cake". It’s a limited edition, rose-gold-flecked dream of a lipstick packaged in a cold, sleek, gunmetal tube with a magnetic closure.

You can see the actual flecks of gold and lilac pigment lustre when you look closely -- it's totally Marie Antoinette-worthy. (And with the price to match!) I already know what you’re thinking. “Frosted lips? In 2014? Gross!” But au contraire, ma chérie!

"Let Them Eat Cake" isn't your typical pearlescent cupcake confection. It's a grown-up version of shimmer and sparkle that gives your lips a bit of rose-gold tinted sass.

While I love "Let Them Eat Cake" on its own, I think it really rocks when worn as a topcoat over your favorite lip stain. (Below, I'm wearing it over Cover Girl's Outlast Lipstain in Wild Berry Wink.) It gives a shimmering, otherworldly sheen to your lips while still allowing the base color to shine through.

Most sparkle/frosted lipsticks have a chalky, gritty feel after you've worn them for a few hours, but this formulation stayed smooth and creamy until I finally ate something. (Lipstick Queen says this is due to the amount of vitamin E and apricot oil their lipsticks contain.) Even after un café et un croissant, an even layer of sparkle remained on my lips -- rather like a disco ball that had lost its sheen but was still totally down to party.

I first found out about Lipstick Queen after being turned on to their Invisible Liner. I've always been far too lazy to apply any sort of lip liner -- mainly because who has the time to dig out the right color liner for every single shade you lipstick you own? But the Invisible Liner solves that problem tout de suite -- as it creates a completely colorless barrier that stops any lipstick from feathering or bleeding. It's the perfect mate for the shimmer of 'Let Them Eat Cake'!

For a bit of queen-ly extra credit, you could stash your royal lip accoutrements in la petite Marie Antoinette aux roses zippered makeup pouch.

And be sure to blast a bit of the eighteenth century's greatest rock band -- Boston-based The Upper Crust -- while you apply it. They play AC/DC style rock while sporting powdered wigs and royal court-worthy frock coats. (I wore my Marie Antoinette wig when I saw them play here in LA, yes I did.) Go buy their very best record, Cream of the Crust right now -- you'll be telling me 'Merci beaucoup'! once you do, I promise.

At $45.00 a tube, "Let Them Eat Cake" is certainly more than a small splurge for a single lipstick. But as they say, you only live once -- and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Je ne regrette rien!

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