If you’re too busy to get a costume or money’s tight and you can’t spend any on a costume this year, then this is the look for you.
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October 29, 2015
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You’ve seen them. They’re trendy. They’re fun. And you know what? It’s not THAT hard to do. You can do it with basic make-up items you probably already have.

If you’re too busy to get a costume or money’s tight and you can’t spend any on a costume this year, then this is the look for you! So go ahead, try it! I’m sure you’ll surprise yourself with how easily you can make yourself look like a living cartoon.

BTW, you don’t HAVE to have all of the products I personally used to do this look. The most important items to have would be:

-A bright and colorful eyeshadow (preferably yellow)

-A black liner (preferably gel or liquid)

-A white eyeliner pencil

-A bright lipstick (preferably red or pink)

-Blush (preferably pink)

-Blue eyeshadow and/or liner


-Fake lashes (you don’t HAVE to have these but they definitely add to the look!)

The cool thing about this look is that you can totally customize it with your own colors, so if you only have certain colors or you prefer different colors that better suit your skin tone, you can try those out instead.

I’ve broken the look down to 5 basic steps. I’ve also added a video tutorial below to show you how I did it on myself. The full product list is also in the info portion of the video.

Step One: The Base

First prime your skin with moisturizer and primer. Then add your foundation and concealer as you normally would. Set it with powder. Now that your canvas is blank, you’re ready to play!

Step Two: The eyes

Plan out your eyes. The easiest way to do this is just look in the mirror and furrow your brow while making a sad face. Work with the natural lines that your eye makes when you do this.

Generally your eyelids will go down on the sides at an angle toward the outer corner of your eye, so place your eye shadow to create the shape. Think of them like little right angle triangles. The inner corner of your eye being the 90-degree angle. Yeah, like in school. THEY SAID WE WOULD USE IT EVENTUALLY!

Now that you’ve added your shadow as intensely as you can, outline the shape that you’ve created. Bring the lines right up to your brows for that permanent furrowed brow look. Now you have a permanent sad face. Nice.

Fill in your brows with your black liner and wing out that eyeliner! Add the details, like little wrinkles in your brow to really accentuate the furrowed brow look. Next curl your lashes and add some mascara.

Now it’s time for the tears. Grab your white eyeliner and line the waterline and draw some fake tears down from the inner corners of your eyes. You can use your blue eye shadow and/or blue liner to it to create a more water-like cartoon color and shape. Now outline the shape of the tears with the black liner.

And finally, if you have lashes, you can add them now to complete the eye look. I waited until I was finished my look because I wasn’t sure what I was going to add next. But you can add them now!

Step Three: The Cheeks

OK, this part's easy. You just have to add some blush… and it’s totally OK to go a little crazy here. Actually, I want you to go nuts with it! Seriously. Be really generous with it. After all, this is a comic book character we’re making here! You’re allowed to go super bold.

Step Four: The Lips

Now prime your lips and use your bold lip color and outline your lips and fill those babies in. Next up you’re going to outline them with the black liner you used before and add little details with it like shadows in the corner and the middle of the lip.

Its time for the white eyeliner again. You’re going to use it to add highlights to your lip wherever you want to make them look bigger. Just think if you were wearing gloss, where would the light shine on it? Add it there.

Step Five: The Details

Now that most of the look is completed, it's time to tie it all together with your black liner. All the little details make this look even better. So outline your hairline and jawline. Outline your cheekbones. Outline your nostrils and the sides of your nose.

You can add a line down the side of your nose as well. Adding lines going down the tendons of your neck and on your collar bones adds a cool effect, too.

And if you want to go ALL out with detail, you can even outline the body parts that will be seen while you’re wearing this look — your ears, hands, arms, etc.

Here’s my tutorial to show further details and product information:

And that’s how you do that! It’s not too hard, and it’s really fun to do! The cool thing about it is that because we’re all different, everyone’s version is unique. So have fun with it and have a safe and happy Halloween!

Post your pictures here or tag me on Instagram if you try this look.