How To: Look Like Lana Del Rey In Her H&M Ad

I’m also typing with Lana-like talon nails right now … that’s how dedicated I am to this process!
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July 24, 2012
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[I love a girl that takes initiative. About 24 hours after I wrote/complained that none of our writers had covered these topics last week, we get this beautiful post by reader Gabi, complete with gorgeous photos. And video. What more could you ask for? Nothing, really. Thank you, Gabi! --Jane]

Lana del Rey. Love her, hate her, love to hate her OR secretly love her and pretend to hate her amongst your friends who are clearly just JEALOUSSSS -- ya gotta admit. Girl’s got some style.

She is clearly the embodiment of your high school arch nemesis who was so beautiful and aloof you could just DIE even though she never so much as smirked your way or sassed you about your outdated converse sneaker and graphic tee combo (IHTM: I was a forlorn Hot Topic teenager).

So why not emulate her style? You know you want to! She practically peer pressures you into it with her sultry new H&M ads.

So instead of going out and boozing with the rest of the cool kids on a Saturday night, I decided to buy cheap, effective beauty products and force my boyfriend to document my gradual Lana del Rey-ification.

I’m also typing with Lana-like talon nails right now … that’s how dedicated I am to this process! So sorry in advance if the writing has an increased amount of typos along the way.

Step one, y’all: The Eyes

Clearly Lana’s eyes (and arguably, her nails) are her most striking feature. She’s serving some Bridget Bardot, Edie Sedgwick realness with those cat-eyes, fake eyelashes, and smoldering stare, non? The sassy, sexy essence is something you must master in your own spare time, but the make-up? Easily and cheaply acquired and executed!

All you need is a simple cat-eye, drawn on smoothly with liquid eyeliner that comes with a brush rather than the harsher felt tip. I made the cat eye bolder with cheapo falsie eyelashes that I even cut in half to make more manageable for the newbies out there!

I used Kiss adhesive and Ardell false eyelashes, both of which you can find at the pharmacy.

They’re so easy and non-messy that I did this whole tutorial kinda drunk (surprise!), and I still look pretty damn good, all things considered.

Next up, I did a classic smoky eye, with a darker (I chose Maybelline) eye shadow on the outer corners of my eyelid as well as on the crease. In the inner corners, I used Wet ‘N Wild white sparkly eye shadow to brighten the eye up a bit (so as to not lose the wide, doe-eyed Lana quality, ya know?). I followed that up with messy globs of cheap Jordanna mascara (also sold at the pharm for like two bucks, chicanas), which kind of gives it a grungy, rockstar, DIY look that I think the ads are missing anyway. Ya gotta look a little messy to look cool, obviously.

Step two: The Lips

(And the fake mole! Kinda gross, kinda glamorous!)

I used Wet ‘N Wild for the Lana lips (again! I’m a student on a budget and it was $1.99 for some pretty good ish). It’s super light and surprisingly smooth for dollar lipstick. Mine is called “Just Peachy.”

My boyfriend freaked out and said it looked like my lips melted into my face but WHAT DOES HE KNOW ABOUT LOOKING LIKE A SEXY, BITCHY, CONDESCENDING GODDESS? Nothing!

He did help me superglue those talons to my left hand though, so I suppose he’s good for something after all.

Anyway, the fake mole came next. Jordanna’s felt tip, liquid eyeliner directly onto the face. The end.

Step three: The hair!

I lack a curling iron. Instead, I used a straightener to get those loose tousled curls! You just kind of wrap your hair around the flat iron and, you know, singe it just so. Then hairspray that mofo down with some John Freida Frizz-Ease hairspray! Woop there it is.

Step four: The outfit! The nails! And the scowling!

The claws are Kiss brand “Luxury Nail” kit. They are hella long, hella annoying and hella sickening (in an awesome, RuPaul sense of the word). I feel like every Disney vixen on crack with these babies! I can take on the world! But, I can’t unbutton my pants.

Also, how do I take these off (the nails, not the pants, duh)? Help in the comments? They feel like they’ve been secured on with cement and I’m a little worried. K, thanks.

Now unlike Lana, I’m kind of bad at scowling sexily.

I end up looking like I’m mid-sneeze or incurably constipated (which my bf so sweetly pointed out), but I tried?

Lastly is the outfit! The ads have Lana in this monochromatic, 60s vixen kind of look. She is peach from lips to toes, which I think is kind of insane and don’t think I’d pull off quite as glamorously myself. So I opted for picking pieces that had similar colors instead! Think pastel on pastel, but don’t be afraid of pattern.

This is kind of a lot to remember, so here’s a quick vid recap to ensure you don’t lose an ounce of Lana-transformation!

Good luck harnessing the signature Lana 'tude, which is unfortunately something I can’t buy in the college student discount aisle of Walgreens. Your best bet is probably projecting the bitchy essence of your best friend’s cool older sister who made you chug wine coolers at her parent’s Christmas party that one time. So cool, you guys.