I Finally Got My Hands on the Kylie Lip Kit so You're Finally Getting This Review

When I opened my mailbox and saw the Lip Kit box waiting for me, and gasped so hard that I saw stars. Everything has changed.
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February 25, 2016
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I did it.

After months of trying, I finally got my hands on the Kylie Lip Kit. I tried at the launch. I tried at the first restock. I tried (and also completely missed) other subsequent restocks. For two months, the illusive Kylie Lip Kit was evading me, and things were beginning to look grim. That is, until a light in the darkness, xoVain's Kara Nesvig, texted me the morning of Valentine's Day, alerting me of a looming restock.

I picked up my credit card, set down my mimosa, and was determined to finally land one.

I'm not even sure how it all happened, but as I emerged from my stress blackout, a confirmation email hit my inbox informing me that I had apparently successfully ordered the Lip Kit! I knew everything was about to change.

Last Friday morning, I put on pants and took the elevator down to the lobby to grab my mail. When I opened my mailbox and saw the Lip Kit box waiting for me, and gasped so hard that I saw stars. My lungs hadn't been introduced to that much oxygen that quickly since birth.

I was thrilled. They didn't get lost in transit or stolen in the mailroom (these are things you have to think about when you order really good beauty products!) They were finally mine.

The initial Lip Kit launch consisted of three colors: Candy K, a rosey-beige (my favorite?), Dulce K, a grey-taupe, and True Brown K, a true brown. The Valentine's Day launch added three new colors: Posie K, a rosey-mauve (my favorite?), Mary Jo K, a Ferarri red, and Tynan K. Wait, I mean, Koko K, a baby pink a touch of gray to cool it off, finished with just the tiniest hint of beige so it won't wash you out.

I orded Candy K, Dulce K, and Posie K and now my life is perfect.

So here are the colors:

and special guest:


Okay so truthfully, I ordered Posie K, and when the package showed up, it had a Posie K box that housed a Posie K liner...and a Koko K liquid lipstick. I sent them an email and they fixed the mixup quickly, and I had a tube of Posie K in less than a week. Shoutout to the Kylie Cosmetics customer service. So what you see there is Koko K with no liner under it. The coverage is still great even when it's not backed with a liner.

The shades are great, but you know that by now. What I like most is that they look different on different skin tones, but are flattering across the board. I'm all about color, that's why I do this beauty shit in the first place. The six shades are beautiful, nuanced versions of the shades that Kylie herself made so popular over social media at the age of sixteen and give a glimpse of what's next for Kylie Cosmetics.


Hold on.

For the last time, they are not just repackaged ColourPop products, and if I hear you guys say that one more time...

Sure, ColourPop has colors that are similar to her first three shades. Of course they do, ColourPop has like, every shade imaginable. The formulas are completely different.

And does anyone think for a second that Miss Kylie would actually be able to get away with that? ColourPop is one of, if not the biggest, startup in beauty at the moment. Compound that with the sad fact that everyone is looking for a reason for Kylie's beauty venture to fail. The Kardashian/Jenners are a lot of things, but they're not stupid. These are her own colors, and her very own formula.

I tried the first batch of the Lip Kit when my friend let me use hers (I know you shouldn't share your makeup but come on) and the formula has since been revamped and improved for the Valentine's Day release, when I copped mine.

You've probably heard that the Lip Kit is the best liquid lipstick on the market, and no one lied. I have tried every liquid out there, and I have my favorites, but this? This has them beat. The Lip Kit is the new standard for what a liquid lipstick can and should be, and it blows even all of my faves out of the water.

The biggest complaint is that liquid lipsticks are drying. Next, is that they flake, the lines crack, and they make your lips look brittle. Even with these problems, I prefer liquid lipsticks to anything else because of their coverage, pigmentation, and more than anything, their stay power. I'll gladly trade comfort for a perfect lip if I know it's going to stay in place all night. The Kylie Lip Kit really does let you ~have it all~.


I hate it when you find a liner in the perfect color only to find out that it's so stiff that it's basically unusable. Kylie's liner glides on like butter using very little applied pressure, and causes virtually no drag. It couldn't be easier to apply, which helps you to get a perfectly lined lip. They're pigmented enough that you could wear them without topping them off with the liquid, and their stay power alone is great.


The juice is very thin and very pigmented. You could do your entire lips with one pass if you really wanted to. They thin consistency is great because, when you're applying other, thicker liquids with the wand, they tend to cushion out around the tip of the applicator, leaving you with liquid lipstick that has welled up around the edges of the lips. That's not really a good look, but you can usually get away with it if you're careful when it's drying down. Unless, of course, you have a beard, with whiskers almost touching your lip line rub agains the liquid and interfere with the line you just made. I'M JUST SAYING. Kylie and her lab solved this problem for us all, beard or no beard.

It dries down matte while still being flexible, elastic, and comfortable. They're really not going anywhere once they dry down, so you can eat, drink, kiss, whatever, without worrying about touch ups.

You miiight have to slick more on depending on what you just ate for lunch, oily foods are obviously a lipstick's worst nightmare, but other than that, they're bombproof. I could shower and the lip would stay on (really.) They're fragranced with a delicious, ambiguous confectionary scent that disappears on dry down, so they're not going to sit below your nose and bug you all day.

The Lip Kit retails for $29 and includes the liquid lipstick and matching liner. Considering you're going to part with $20 for most liquid lipsticks on the market, this is a great price for a set of two products that perfectly match.

I can't wait to see what colors are up next and what the future holds for Kylie Cosmetics. If the rest of her products are as awesome as these, we have a lot to look forward to! Have you tried the Kylie Lip Kit? Post a selfie in the comments! Who makes your favorite liquid lipsticks? Tell me below.

Tynan is probably still tweeting about the Lip Kit on Twitter @TynanBuck.