I Found Exact Dupes For The Kylie Lip Kit Because I Couldn't Get It And You Couldn't Either

Let's be real. We'll never, ever get the real thing.
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January 4, 2016
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“Tynan. You’ve been looking at pictures of Kylie Jenner for over an hour.”


It’s somewhere around 5am on the Monday after Thanksgiving, “Cyber Monday,” for those of you who are into that. My best friend was visiting from LA for the weekend and we spent the majority of Sunday casually binge drinking. We passed out pretty early that night, only to wake up at 4am.

I reached for my phone in the dark to check Kylie’s Instagram, knowing that her lip kit was being released in only a matter of hours. She already had a countdown going, and I had just five hours before I could place my order.

So I thought.

But as I perused her Instagram, I got distracted, hypnotized really, and was probably a year back into my Kylie Jenner deep dive, when my friend announced that he was awake, and ruefully judging me.

I would have been worth it, had I been able to order the Kylie Lip Kit, but within, what was it? Thirty seconds? It had all sold out.


#soldout :(

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Obviously, releasing a limited batch was all part of the marketing. Kylie announces it on her Instagram, releases it 24 hours later, it sells out in seconds, to be restocked, as fate would have it, right before Christmas. I get it.

Oddly enough, though, with as fast as it sold out, I felt like no one actually had it. I expected swatches and selfies to be all over Instagram within 7-10 days, however long shipping would take, but they were very few and far between.

That is, until the restock…which also sold out in seconds.

It’s not like I wasn’t waiting there with my credit card the minute they relaunched. I was desperately hitting order with all three colors in my cart, only to be notified that it had sold out again.

I’ve seen some people here and there say that they have the best liner-liquid lipstick dupes for the three colors, but I haven’t been satisfied with any of them. Either beauty websites just dug through product shots from other companies for something that looked similar, or other beauty bloggers went through products they already had.

I did a bunch of research (I love my job) called in every product I could get my hands on, and broke everything down, shade by shade. I’m not saying my dupes are the best, but I am saying that everyone else’s are worse than mine.


The swatches. #lipkitbykylie #KYLIECOSMETICS

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The Kylie Lip Kit comes in three shades:

Dulce K, taupe with a hint of gray:


DOLCE K @lipkitbykylie

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Candy K, a dusty pink-beige:


CANDY K @lipkitbykylie

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And True Brown K, a rich brown with the tiniest bit of red undertones:


TRUE BROWN K @lipkitbykylie

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I love that two of the three of these colors are so similar, with very slight, nuanced differences. At first glance, Candy K and Dulce K look so similar that your dumb straight boyfriend would tell you they were the same color.

To me, that shows discern eye for color Kylie has for the colors that she loves, and wanted to offer a product that she would wear, rather than three completely different shades that were sure to sell.

While I don't own the lip kit (yet) I have worn it. The lip liner is very pigmented and glides onto your lips effortlessly, leaving behind a trail of intense color. My only critique is that I wish the liner was mechanical instead of wood, but then again, I wish that about all liners because I hate sharpening them.

The liquid lipstick itself is very light on the skin and has a fluffy texture, almost like a mousse, so you never have too much on your lips trying to even out excess product. It's scented with some sweet confectionary fragrance.

Here's the thing about the lip kit: A lot of people dislike matte liquid lipsticks because they tend to be dry your lips out, either during wear or the day after. One thing I noticed is that Kylie's liquid lipstick feels very good on your lips throughout wear, and won't leech moisture from your skin. Having tried almost every liquid lipstick under the sun, hers is one of the most comfortable.

So I guess I should shut up and show you guys the best dupes. Now obviously, I didn't have the actual products to test side by side, but I combed through product after product, and picture of the picture of the kit in different lights and on different skin tones to land the right one. Here's what I got.

Dulce K

ColourPop's Brink Lip Liner and Jeffree Star Cosmetics Celebrity Skin liquid lipstick.

Brink Pencil - A warm dusty taupe which was actually inspired by Kylie's signature lip color (pre-Lip Kit, this color wasn't meant to be a dupe because when it was made, there was nothing to duplicate.)

Celebrity Skin - A soft brown nude with peachy undertones. Lip kit or not, Jeffree's liquid lipsticks are amazing and I love this color. So does everyone. It's always sold out.

Candy K

The new Smashbox Always Sharp Liner in Rosebud and Maybelline's new Vivid Matte Liquid in Nude Flush.

I am all the fuck about the new Smashbox Always Sharp Liner. You don't ever have to sharpen it, it twists a little more up every time you take off the cap! It took me so long to figure that out. I kept taking the cap off and thinking "THE TIP NEVER WEARS DOWN. IT ALWAYS LOOKS THE SAME." I only figured out what was actually happening just now when I went to link it in this article. I still thought it was some Willy Wonka type shit.

Oh anyway, I'm so down with these. They're smooth, precise, and very pigmented. They sent me a couple of colors and they're all so beautiful that I'd wear them all alone. Stunning.

Maybelline's Vivid Matte Liquid in Nude Flush is a nice rosey beige, heavy on the rose. I had another color picked out to dupe Candy K, but when Maybelline sent me these, I immediately knew this was the one.

True Brown K

So True Brown K is a, well...true...brown...but I swear I see just a teensy hint of red in there so that's what we're gonna go with because this is my article.

NYX Hot Cocoa Slim Lip Pencil is a mid-brown that leans just slightly red.

ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lip in Limbo, a rich chocolatey brown.

Brown lips are gorgeous but they're not my thing. They work with my skin, but not my hair. This duo is gorgeous enough to make we want to rethink that.

So until I get my hands on the Lip Kit, this is what I'm working with for now. Have you tried the Kylie Lip Kit? Do you use any of these colors? Let me see some selfies in the comments and let's talk all things Kylie.

Tynan is finding more dupes on Twitter @TynanBuck