Exclusive Interview! Kristin Cavallari Is Like That Hot Friend You Sort Of Hate

Until she charms you with beauty advice and health tips, that bitch!
Publish date:
November 17, 2011
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A conversation with Kristin Cavallari is a lot like one with your hottest, most put-together girlfriend. She has a trainer and a guy; a glamorous job and a great apartment; she eats organic and cares about animals. You want to hate her for being so goddamn perfect, but you can't because she's actually nice.

The only difference is, Kristin's been on camera since 2004 when she joined the cast of MTV's "Laguna Beach" as the token bitch to Lauren Conrad's girl next door and later went on to star in "The Hills."

And if you follow "Dancing With The Stars" like Bryan, you saw Kristin hold her own in the competition until week three. Kristin agreed to get on the phone with me and share the secrets to her easy Cali-girl beauty. Turns out it, blergh, mostly discipline. Here's how it works:

During the day the most I wear is a little bit of foundation and mascara. And then I like to get dressed up at night and actually DO my hair and makeup and put some effort into it. I love Armani foundation, it doesn’t look like you have any makeup on, and Armani mascara. I love that Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner because it doesn’t move -- it’s great. And the blush that I love is NARS Orgasm.

I’ll try to be (vegan), but realistically it happens 50% of the time. When I’m home I try to be really healthy, but I eat out a lot. Of course I give myself cheat days and have treats here and there. I’m a big believer in snacking—I think smaller portions more frequently. For breakfast usually I’ll do a smoothie if I’m gonna workout. If I’m not gonna workout I’ll do oatmeal or, you know, eggs with spinach and feta cheese I love. And then lunch I usually do a huge salad with a ton of veggies and I love hummus to snack on. I have these chips that I get at Whole Foods that are really good and carrot sticks and celery sticks. And I love fish and chicken and all that stuff. Actually, if I don’t eat healthy food I don’t feel good. For me, I crave healthy food.

I definitely didn’t put myself on a diet during "Dancing With The Stars," but I worked out at least four times a week before I started "Dancing With The Stars" so the show honestly wasn’t a huge change for me, just because I’m used to working out a lot. But I can see how if you don’t work out, you’re gonna lose a ton of weight. It’s a crazy workout. And it’s long hours, I rehearsed for five hours a day.

Right now I’m working out with my trainer three times a week and he has me doing light weights but at a really high intensity, so I'm really getting a good cardio workout as well, because I’m not resting in between. And I’m trying to do cardio once on my own, so I’m working out four times a week.

At one point I got too skinny and my manager had to say something to me. But no one’s ever told me I needed to get a face lift or anything. That’s the other thing; never say never, but I don’t think I’ll ever get Botox or any of that stuff because we don’t know the long term side-effects and I just don’t think that can be good for you. The most I’ve done is Crest whitestrips!

I think the most important thing is, no matter how tired you are you have to take your makeup off before you go to bed. I just notice if I’m too lazy or too tired I always end up getting a breakout if I don’t take my makeup off. And as cliché and old school as it is, I think drinking a lot of water really helps. And just get moving, get up and do something just to get your blood flowing.

Ugh, so there you go. As you may have guessed, the key to looking gorgeous and fresh-faced when flitting around LA from nail appointment to casting, business lunch to product launch, is organic food and a gym habit.

Now tell me about your hottest friend or someone who makes you slightly jealous. Let's talk about it.