I Spent Almost $100 On Mystery Korean Beauty Products And I Couldn't Be More Thrilled

Everything I ordered is PINK!
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April 10, 2013
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A couple of weeks ago, I was reading Annie's article on xoVain about sponge rollers which are understandably the ish in Japan and Korea -- they are soft enough to sleep in, they give your hair body and movement without heat damage, and you can order them in cutesy shapes.

In the comments of Annie's post, a reader pointed out that there are strawberry-shaped sponges; I followed the link and, before I knew it, I was sucked into the magical Korean/K-Pop world of KollectionK.com. Thirty minutes later, I was entering in my debit card number to pay for $75 worth of stuff (shipping was just $4.99!!).

First things first, I added the strawberry foam rollersto my shopping cart -- two packs because they only come with four and they cost just $5.90 a pack. But then I bought everything else.

Lovely Perfume Candle Set, $15.60: I'm a huge sucker for scented candles and my boyfriend and his cousin (whom we live with) seem to love them just as much as I do. I usually pick them up at Marshall's or Home Goods, so it was especially exciting to get a set at full-price -- I've never seen candles sold with beauty stuff, and they just matched everything I was ordering.

I imagined myself lighting one in the morning while I carry out my new and improved beauty routine. They smell like pure roses. Nothing too crazy. The package promises, "All your romantic princess dreams will come true. Girls, be the princess!"

Precious Mineral BB Cream, $17.20: Everyone who knows anything about the history of BB Cream knows that they originated in Korea, so you should definitely check out KollectionK's BB Cream selection even if everything else you see here does not appeal to you. The one complaint I've had with the whole site experience is the difficulty I had with selecting colors and the absence of shades for darker skin tones.

That said, KollectionK's customer service is awesome and I'm sure you can send it back for a darker or lighter color -- I got a free surprise gift (an owl iPhone holder) and a text message letting me know my package arrived, which was unprecedented in my online shopping life.

I wanted to get their Cadillac of BBs; this baby is SPF 40 and comes with a "Real Hand Touch Vibration Puff" you use to blend it into your skin. I am sure that vibrating thingy makes you a lot prettier!

Alas, I couldn't afford it so I settled on a less expensive version, the $17.20 Precious Mineral BB in SPF 30 in #2-W13. I love Korean BB Creams for their ample coverage, and this acts almost like a foundation. The finish is a bit less dewy than I'd hoped for, but summer's just around the corner and I probably would have switched to a more matte formula anyway.

Vanilla Moist Eye Cream, $10.30: No lie, I bought this only for the packaging and cute name. When I opened it up, it was not at all what I expected. But I love it! The twist up stick formula is very cooling and super light like a gel. When I checked the ingredients, I was glad to spot hyaluronic acid -- a plumping moisturizer that's great to use around your eyes. Don't worry, it has no smell.

Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips Talk, $8.90: I had no freaking idea what color I was ordering with this but I decided to risk it. When I saw I got yellow, I bugged a bit, but it goes on subtly shiny and transparent. It is great to wear over a matte or drying lipstick, like I did here.

KollectionK also has a bunch of inexpensive beauty accessories and tools that are much cuter and more carefully packaged than their American cousins. I ordered extras of some these to use as present toppers: The Sandal Heel Callus Killer was $3.50. I bought twoHeart Superfine Fiber Powder Puffs for $2.90 each, and a pair Ribbon Eyebrow Scissors for $3.10 because I'm growing out my 'brows.

I've always been a sucker for Japanese and Korean cosmetics and stationery. Everything just seems more special and cute, and I've always believed that it really is the little everyday things in life that make you happy.

What are your overseas online shopping tips? Are you going to blast some 2NE1 and head over to KollectionK? Also, this post isn't sponsored by them, I promise you.