Kylie Who? Confession: I Have A Creepy Makeup Crush On Kendall Jenner

I also rounded up a bunch of Kendall-inspired makeup products because I have nothing better to do.
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December 22, 2014
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Kourtney Kardashian ruined Starbucks for me for all of eternity. I will have to suffer an eternal pain and empty sadness, all because her name is spelled with a K. Aside from Kourtney (*shudders*), I don’t mind the other members of the Kardashian clan. (Keep in mind, this is not a think piece about the morality of Kim’s butt photos. I’m going to be really shallow and just talk about looks for this article).

My best friend Lucy and I regularly sent pictures of Kylie Jenner to each other for a few months, admiring the journey of her lips while watching her laugh in the face of puberty. I was caught up in the Kylie hype for longer than I want to admit, but after a trial run with lip liner (Spoiler: I looked like RuPaul) I moved on to greater things.

Kendall Jenner has hovered around my beauty radar ever since she tore up fashion month and landed an Estée Lauder deal. I refuse to judge her #blessed celebrity upbringing or believe it takes away any of her modeling legitimacy. As a former model who absolutely f***ing hated the industry, I respect anyone who has the advantage of sidestepping development (code for unknown “new face”) periods of self-doubt and insecurity. For the record, there are countless successful models with famous families -- Georgia May Jagger, Hailey Baldwin, Daisy Lowe to name a few. Kendall would still be gorgeous and kick ass at her job even if she was from the suburbs of Jersey.

While perusing through Pinterest and eating sour gummy worms as one does, Kendall’s face caught my attention quite a few times. There’s something about her dainty bone structure and feline eyes that hold makeup extremely well without looking harsh.

While Kylie’s makeup skills are undeniably more theatrical and aspirational, Kendall provides wearable beauty inspiration. Regardless of whether she’s applying her own makeup or having it professionally done, you can usually spot Kendall with fluffy lashes, cat-eye liner, tight lining, champagne shadow, slight contouring, and a glossy nude-ish pink lip. Plus her hair always looks great… *turns green with envy *.

I rounded up some essential products to mimic the Kendall Jenner look because I have nothing better to do. If I were a Kardashian I would have plenty of better things to do, like going on vacations and buying Cartier bracelets. I digress…

Champagne Shadow

If you’re obsessed with makeup then you’ll roll your eyes because I’m not very original for this recommendation -- everyone and their mother have used “Kitten.” LOOK I CAN’T HELP IT THIS EYESHADOW IS SO PRETTY!!!! Mine crumbled in my makeup bag after going on a flight, tempting me to bid the Earth farewell and roll down the stairs. I need to buy another one of these pronto because it’s the perfect shimmery icy champagne shade. Stila eye shadows are the bomb.

Liquid Liner

This felt-tip liner is a staple in my makeup bag. I usually look over-done when I use potted eyeliners with a brush... too complicated, no thanks bye. Eyeko liners are travel friendly and have really freaking cute packaging.

Eyeliner for Tight lining

Yes, I’m adding another eyeliner but this one serves a different purpose. The felt-tip brush is pretty stiff, so it makes a verrryyyyyy very thin precise line – perfect for tight-lining your upper lash line. If you want to get all smolder-y and line your lower waterline, this stays put without melting or sliding.

Contour Powder

Whenever a porcelain-skinned YouTube beauty guru advises contouring with bronzer I’m like, OK… I’m the color of bronzer? So now what??? Thank god for this contouring palette, which is perfect for darker skin. The contour shade is ashy instead of orange-toned, so it mimics a natural shadow. I’m also a big fan of this highlighter, which at first glance looks like a plain light yellow powder. HOWEVER, when you step into sunlight your cheekbones will have a really pretty glow and everyone will want to bang you!

Lip Gloss

Let me tell you, lip gloss formulas have really evolved since my vanilla Liquid Lip Smacker days. I was actually wearing this gloss today, and didn’t even have to bring it with me in my purse for re-application. This formula has the moisturizing consistency of a lip balm, and stays on your lips for hours. When it finally does fade, you don’t get any of that gross sticky residue you’ll find with other glosses. This just leaves your so lips soft and pink you’ll want to make out with yourself. (Why am I so weird today.)

Faux Lashes

When I first saw these I was all, “Fast easy sexy? Oooh yass bitch tell me more…” Full disclosure, I’m a complete buffoon when it comes to applying false lashes. Full strips? Forget. Individuals? LOL. Instead of trimming your set of false lashes to fit your long eyeballs and waste money, buy these and glue them towards the end of your lashline. These Instalush lashes are fluffy and (kind of) natural looking, sitting in the perfect position to accentuate your cat-eye liner.

Most of these goodies are around the $20 mark so you won’t have to cash out like a Kardashian to look like one. I obviously don’t expect you guys to drop a bunch of dough on all of these products at once, but even if you decide not to recreate Kendall’s signature look, these are universal essentials that fit in anyone’s makeup collection. Would I steer you wrong??

I gave Kendall so many compliments in this article she might as well hire me as her designated hype-girl… Have any of you ever been motivated to buy a makeup product because of a celebrity?

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