How To Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh And Clean Even If You Haven't Washed It In A Week

Hair mists to the rescue!
Publish date:
March 14, 2014
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As a teen growing up by the beaches of Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, my daily routine consisted of going to class and then meeting my bestie by the school parking lot to bum a ride to the beach with anyone who had a spare seat in their car (we didn’t want to spend our hard earned PacSun paychecks on gas, duh). I was also an obsessive hair washer because I frequented the beach so often. I couldn’t stand the smell of salt, sand and whatever grossness was floating around those parts in my hair. As soon as I got home, I would rinse off said grossness in my outdoor shower and make a beeline to the bathroom for a long hot shower.

These days, I pray that my blowouts last longer than four days (I have really oily hair) and I can’t imagine washing my hair on a daily basis. I’ve also taken up running, and although I’m tempted to go back to my old ways, I try not to dry out my hair by over-shampooing. I love dry shampoo for oil (and sweat) absorption, but the fresh smell isn’t necessarily all there for me. I want to feel like my hair was just freshly shampooed. So I tried out some new hair mists to see if they can give me the fresh feeling I want minus the harshness. Here are the results of my road test.

1. Narciso Rodriguez For Her Hair Mist, $35

I have a friend who only wears Narciso Rodriguez For Her, and she is always so put together so I figured I would start out with the mist after my post-­work run on Wednesday. It was a short run so my hair wasn't totally sweaty and gross but it definitely didn't smell like roses. I was meeting my boyfriend for dinner so my time to get ready was limited. I flipped my hair over my head and went nuts with the spray as if I were getting ready for a 1980s prom‐themed party. BAD IDEA. I was coughing, my eyes stung and I even think I lost my vision for a hot second. So the key here is less is more, I thought to myself as I literally I shook off the excess overpowering smell (I kept thinking "I whip my hair back and forth").

The scent is very floral with hints of amber and wood, which give it a nice balance. However, it was borderline too powdery smelling for me, but that could be because of my over spraying. I really liked that this lasted for a solid two days—I woke up on Friday morning and my pillow had a nice (more subtle) soft scent, as did my hair. Lesson learned.

2. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Hair Mist, $45

I was really stoked to give this one a try. Flowerbomb is one of those classic perfumes that is universally loved so I figured this is just what I would need after a long run on Saturday morning. After my shower, I used dry shampoo on my roots along my hairline cause the oil situation was kind of intense. After I patted that in, I flipped my head over and sprayed twice. I flipped my hair back up and got a whiff of the super light, fresh blend of floral smells. It was just right and made me smile. I love how clean the scent was and the frosted grenade they package it in is super-cute. The scent lasted throughout the day, but it didn’t linger as long as the Narciso mist.

3. Bottega Veneta Luxury Hair Mist, $55

I ended up using this product on a Wednesday, after not washing my hair for three days (but I hadn't gone running or to the gym). My hair gets oily pretty quickly, so I wanted to try this out before I needed to use dry shampoo to assist. I decided to use two spritzes since I wasn't familiar with the scent to begin with and I'm glad I did. This scent was inspired by the Venetian countryside and had an earthy smell with hints of plum. I didn't think I would be into such a non‐floral scent, but this turned out to be one of my favorites.

4. Clean Original Fragranced Hair Shine Mist, $24

I'm giving this mist the award for Best Multitasker. I used it right after blow-­drying my hair since I had a bit of a fried hair smell going on (just keeping it real!). And it gave me back the freshly shampooed scent that I had before the blow out. The mist also gave my hair a nice glossy sheen without weighing it down. This scent was the lightest out of all four mists and sometimes subtly is key. Another bonus is the price--it's reasonable considering the large size of the bottle.

Overall these are great options if you're trying to cut down on hair washing or if you're not a big fan of dry shampoo, but I would suggest that you try before you buy-­‐not everyone is into hair mists. For me, these are an awesome addition to my daily routine. I no longer feel like I’m covering up my oiliness with dry shampoo, but the scent kind of tricks me into thinking that I've just washed my hair.

Do you guys have any good strategies for keeping your hair fresh without washing it all the time?