DRUGSTORE AWARDS: Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipsticks! HOLY GOD!

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January 18, 2012
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OK! For those of you who are used to reading my longgg articles, let me preface this by saying that I'm going to start mixing in shorter, straight-up product-centric ones, like you're about to read right now.

So don't be disappointed when they are not my typical long-winded stories or whatever (you might feel relief at this; who knows). There are just a lot of products out there that might not happen to fit in to the epic narrative of my personal life that I sort of twist all of my other beauty articles into, and those products deserve coverage!

Alas -- as I am learning and accepting more and more -- it is indeed not always about ME.

So let's get going!

Dude! Could I be more f*&king excited about these new Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks? NO:

They are fantastic: bright colors (I am wearing #12, a orange-red with neon pink undertones in the photo above, albeit messily), rich pigment (this is a different thing than “bright colors”), and they go on super-creamy and smooth. Like, they feel like my favorite expensive lipsticks.

And they TASTE like expensive lipsticks, meaning they taste like nothing. Because we all know how many other drugstore lipsticks taste (like hotel soap, or, sometimes, crayons).

Here is the bananas-gorgeous ad campaign for the lipsticks:

Probably your absolute best bet is to buy lipstick #01, the classic blue-red pictured, I have confirmed, in the ad. If you must own a Kate Moss lipstick -- and you must! -- this is the one that's going to flatter you.

Every tube has Kate’s signature on it, which makes me so happy that I want to throw up. Of course I’m a huge Kate Moss fan. Who isn’t a huge Kate Moss fan? Come on...

The lipsticks are in drugstores now. DO YOU DIE? I DIE!!!

What's your favorite Kate Moss shoot? Or drugstore lipstick? XO

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