JULIE FINDS IT FOR YOU: Sweat-Free After-Exercise Hair Without (Too Much) Washing

Plus, the secret to Jane's perfect Aniston-esque shade of blonde.
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January 17, 2012
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Hi Julie!

I exercise to a sweaty mess 6 days a week which means I MUST wash my hair afterwards. I have blonde hair which I lighten so it's already kinda damaged and I feel like washing it so much is making it worse but I don't see a way around it. Could you please write an article on exercise hair? I love your articles, you're awesome!!

PS I saw your new years resolution and I hope you don't stop talking about pimps! Really liked reading something so honest. I am a cetaphil, retin a micro girl myself and if I change it up- no good.

I've been at the gym 5-6 days a week ever since Bryan got me hooked on Barry's Bootcamp, and the hair-sweat is a serious issue. My hair is dark, so it usually looks clean again once the sweat dries. In fact, the more I sweat, the cleaner my hair seems to dry. It's like washing my hair in sweat. I learned this after I got completely drenched at Soul Cycle last week. Gross, I'm sorry.

Anyway, blondeness comes with loads of advantages like having more fun or whatever, but being able to skip hair-washing isn't one of them. Light hair shows everything.

P.S. I'll never stop talking about my acne. I'm all broken out again and just tried an extreme new treatment, which I'll share with you soon. But first, check out my personal list of after-gym, sexy hair solutions:

1. Swap your regular shampoo for a sulfate-free formula like L'Oreal EverPure and wash every second or third day. On your off days, rinse sweaty hair with water and follow with a light conditioner.

2. Invest in a shower filter to clear your water of drying chemicals and chlorine. Jane, who exercises daily, swears by the Aquasana filter to protect and prolong the life of her expensive blonde hair.

3. Blowdry your sweaty hair. I know this sounds disgusting, but hear me out. To avoid over-washing, sometimes Madeline spritzes her blonde hair with a heat protective spray after exercising like Yoshi's Magic Water and blow-dries it like normal. I see her almost every day and I never would have known. Trust.

4. Use dry shampoo. You've heard this one before, I know, but it works, especially for blondes. If you've got extra cash, Cat loves Klorane's formula, and on a budget, try the classic, Psssssst.

5. Wash the front. This is perfect for when you're going straight from the gym to dinner or whatever and don't have time to get ready properly in the locker room. Before getting in the shower, tie up your hair, leaving just the front face-framing pieces down. Shampoo, rinse and lightly condition, then blowout with a round brush. BAM! Convincing clean hair.

Those are my favorite ways to avoid hair washing, not just after a workout, but anytime. Now I want to hear about yours. What do you do to extend the life of your clean hair? Let's discuss.

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