JULIE FINDS IT FOR OLIVIA: The Right Regimen For Her Multi Race Hair

Plus, styling solutions for the mixed babies of my future!
Publish date:
January 3, 2012
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Dear Julie,

My hair has been unruly for a good long time now. See, my dad is black and mother is white, so my hair is slightly confused. Some days my hair is super frizzy and messy looking. If I brush it out, then it just becomes a lopsided puff ball. Some days though my hair is super oily (I wash my hair almost every day!) and just looks so flat, dirty and gross. If I am lucky some days I get a great medium between the two of loose waves such that I can wear my hair down without it being too out of control. How can I keep the loose curls and gain some sort of soft texture? I don't want it to be completely straight, just a little more manageable.And I hate heat-styling.Xo Olivia

Here at xoJane, we have this thing called Desk Hair (more to come) where we turn our cul-de-sac of desks into a styling station before going anywhere important and I do everyone's hair. Really fucking cute right?

Emily usually wants a bangs touch-up or a hair extension, which she requests by @-ing me on Twitter. Madeline likes temporary highlights a lot. And for Olivia, I'll either go stick straight or do waves with a big barrel curling iron, but neither look is really her. So that's what we need to find -- a new easier regimen that suits Olivia's New York City kid, all-black-everything photographer look.

Also, I need to master difficult hair because I'm having mixed babies someday, goddamnit! (I say this not because they are trendy, but because I'm generally attracted to black men.) And Jewish hair is high-maintenance enough before adding to the gene pool.

So here we go, Olivia's new hair regimen for soft, effortless (looking) curls without heat-styling. From tha shower to tha streets!

Wash: Olivia says she washes her hair almost every day, which could be part of the problem since curls don't need that much attention. Instead, she should cut back to every other day and go with a cleanser designed for fine, curly hair like Ouidad's PlayCurl Volumizing Shampoo.

Condition: This part is really important for Olivia's grease-prone, slightly damaged hair. Always apply conditioner three to four inches down from the root to avoid any build-up or slickness. Ouidad's corresponding PlayCurl Volumizing Conditioner is awesome for adding moisture without extra weight.

Comb: Olivia usually brushes her hair, which is really damaging to her fine curls. Instead, switch to a wide-tooth comb like this one by Goody and ease out tangles while distributing conditioner through the ends of the hair. Then rinse, duh.

Finish: After showering, gently comb through hair again and squeeze out any excess moisture with a towel, but don't rub, as this causes more breakage. Once hair is damp, not sopping wet, apply a few drops of light oil treatment to the bottom half of the hair. Moroccan Oil has a lighter formula now that's perfect for fine curls.

After Olivia's hair dries, she could also spritz in some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for more texture. Everyone should actually, it smells SO vacation good. And that's it, she's free to live her life looking like the sexy, long-lost Kravitz that she is.

Now I want to hear about your favorite curly hair products and tips. What keeps your curls looking good? Also ethnic hair gripes. I don't really remember what my hair looked like pre-keratin, but I know that it was hideous. Let's talk about it!

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