Josie Maran’s New Argan Infinity Cream Is An Argan OIl You Can Throw In Your Bag

I love argan oil because it can be used for just about anything, but it’s not always the most practical product to tote around.
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July 2, 2014
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I have a new multi-use product that I use multiple times a day, so naturally, I came here today to share it with you. It's perfect all year round, even now in the heat of the summer when I only want to be wearing the essentials.

Josie Maran’s Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil, $28.

I love argan oil because it can be used for just about anything, but it’s not always the most practical product to tote around. I can’t go more than two months without dropping and destroying my phone, so how do you expect me to carry around a glass bottle filled with oil? Not ideal, let’s be honest.

Josie Maran, queen of argan oil, released her new Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil to solve that exact problem. She’s whipped her oil up with shea butter, aloe vera, mango seed butter, and macadamia seed oil to make a product that applies as a cream, melts down to an oil and absorbs quickly without making you feel like you just, well, rubbed oil all over yourself.

This Cream Oil kills it. You can use it for just about anything, including dry lips, dry cuticles, flyaways and split ends. No matter what time of day it is, it's a safe bet that I'm wearing this product on two or three different places, like my cuticles, face and elbows. Plus, it gives your face an all-over glow, illuminating cheek bones and naturally highlighting, all while moisturizing and nourishing your skin with all the benefits of argan oil.

PLUS, It’s a great primer for makeup, and can take any eyeshadow or blush from a powder to a cream.

This is truly a multitasker on many levels. I keep a tube of it on my nightstand and put a bit on my cuticles, lips, and any where on my face that needs a little extra moisture before I go to sleep, hanging upside down from my ceiling like a vampire bat. It’s going to get put to WORK this winter to moisturize my face and create an extra barrier between my skin and the harsh winds.


Just when you (I) thought the Infinity Cream Oil couldn’t get any better, Josie just released it in six, count them SIX colors.

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Oil Lip And Cheek Creamy Oil, $18.

That’s right. CREAMY OIL. Live and die by it.

These are being described as hydrating “tints” but they’re extremely pigmented, so I would almost call them more of a stain. The original Argan Infinity Cream comes in a 2.2oz tube, while the Lip And Cheek Oils come in a petite and sassy .5oz tube (basically the size of a tube of lip gloss).

But damn, you guys, you are going to get some mileage out of these. Just a tiny (and I mean tiny) dot of these on the apples of your cheeks is going to blend out to give you all the color you need. Dab a little on your lips to pull your whole look together and boom, you’re good to go.

They blend out easily and look very natural, without any added shine. I have five out of six of the colors, obviously, and have swatched them below because one of you asked me to do that and your wish is my command.

Here are the gorgeous little babies.

From left to right: Boundless Berry, Always Cherry, Endless Guava, Limitless Pink, Everlasting Honey.

And here they are swatched on my arm.

(Omg should I, like, wax my arm so my swatches don’t look so…hairy? Shame me in the comments.)

Boundless Berry is one of my favorites because, just look at how fuchsia that tube is. YES. When applied and rubbed in, it lets enough of your skin show through with just a touch of berry pink. My personal brand still involves a lot of pink.

Always Cherry is rich, cherry red. Use it to get a great red lip with just a little bit of the lightweight cream oil.

Endless Guava is one of the most opaque shades, somewhere between a coral and a red. This one looks most natural on me, like my skin's natural flush with more of a pop.

Limitless Pink is a subtle sheer wash of pink, the sheerest of them all.

Everlasting Honey looks like it would be a light tan by the look of the tube, but it’s actually more of a coppery rose. This is the only color that I noticed that came with just a bit of sheen.

Small product, BIG color payoff, and under $20. They're beautiful, weightless, and perfect for summer.

Have you guys tried the Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil? What about the Lip And Cheek Creamy Oil? Do you love them? What are you wearing on your face this summer? Tell me everything down below, babes.

Tynan is covered in oil but not oily on Twitter @TynanBuck.