Everyone Else Should Stop Making Highlighters Because Jeffree Star's Skin Frost is JUST THAT GOOD

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June 3, 2016
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I've been waiting for Jeffree Star's Skin Frost highlighters all goddamn year. Now that they're here, I really don't know what to do with myself. His liquid lipsticks are already the best in the whole game, so when he announced that he was creating his own highlighters, I was really excited to see his take on my favorite product. If the highlighter formula was as good as his liquid lipstick formula, I knew I had to get my hands on them.

One thing Jeffree and I have in common is that we are both crazy about a flagrant, disrespectful highlight. Like all my products, I prefer liquid over powder highlighters, BUT, lately I've given in and started to use a lot of different powders to glow up my face. There's something different about a powder highlight, and sometimes you just have to switch it up on the girls.

Jeffree created four shades.

First, there's Ice Cold, the brightest, whitest highlighter you're going to find. King Tut is a gold. Peach Goddess, is, to me, more of a pink than a peach. We can settle on calling it Rose Gold.

And (are you ready for it?) Mint Condition, a MINT GREEN.

Told you colored highlighters were gonna be big this year.

They retail for $29 a piece on JeffreeStarCosmetics.com and though they're all sold out right now, they're restocking in two weeks.

The pan holds a whopping 15 grams of product. Let's compare the size and price to the other biggest highlighters out there right now.

  • Becca's Champagne Pop is $38 for 8 grams
  • MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish is $32 for 10 grams
  • The Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder is $38 for 4.5 grams

I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

But, the product itself. Jeffree kept talking up the intensity of these highlighters, saying that a little goes a very long way. Which is great, but for months, he was the only one with any proof. When he used them in his videos, the results looked promising, but then again, he's a magician that could highlight with cooking spray and somehow make it look good.

I know you're supposed to apply your highlight with a fan brush to get a nice, even sheen, but I hate fan brushes because I feel like they never pick up enough product to make the glow show up. Considering how dense and extreme I like my highlight, I'll use the right blush brush, or just tap it on with my fingers and then go back at it with a brush to diffuse it.

With just how bright these looked, I thought it might be best to test their intensity using a normal highlighting method first. I grabbed the Japonesque Kumadori Fan Brush I had lying around and dipped it into Ice Cold.

This is one, just one layer, of Ice Cold, lightly applied with a fan brush.

I need to reiterate just how little product I was actually wearing on my face in that photo. I mean, that's the glow that I go for on the daily, and have to build products up to get there. I touched the brush to my skin just a couple of times and that is what I got. I was...floored.

So yeah, tossed on a bit more of Ice Cold for a nice, subtle highlight.


SKIN FROST ❄️💎❄️ ICE COLD #skinfrost #jeffreestarcosmetics

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A soft, bridal look.

No, but how could I not bathe in that highlighter? I'd been waiting for it for so long and I just couldn't stop. That's a straight Tin Man level of shine. I look like a walking mirror, which is all I've ever wanted.

Later that night, after I was showered and fresh faced, I broke out Peach Goddess before I went to dinner. I'm not a fan of orange tones anywhere on my face, so the name made me apprehensive.

In the compact, it looks like more of a metallic flush of rose than peach. Not a straight pink but, name aside, I think it's gorgeous and couldn't wait to put it on my face. I threw on a bit of a soft pink blush and then started in with this highlight. I didn't pack it on, but I didn't exactly hold back either.

I love Peach Goddess. Holy shit. I don't want to say it's more subtle (because it's not) but the pink tone builds without becoming completely opaque and blindingly metallic quite as quickly.

This played well with my skin tone, and will with darker skin as well. It didn't come across as a literal pink highlight, instead it was just a bit softer than Ice Cold, super flattering and very wearable.

King Tut is gold gold gold.

I don't usually reach for gold highlighters because I like my glow to be frosty and pastel, but I was so infatuated by this point that I couldn't stop myself.

For this, I applied it somewhere between the subtle dinner vibe and the ice storm looks above. When I was done with the rest of my makeup, I did that old trick where you mist your face with setting spray and then apply your highlight on top of it right before it dries down for added intensity (not that I needed it.)

And then I applied some more.

Aversion to gold aside, god damn. It reads as a nice, frosty gold instead of bronze on the face, so I'm actually still into it. It will look fantastic on all skin tones, and will be the one I reach for when I'm at my most tan later this summer, if I ever decide to set foot outside.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about that mint green, but you're gonna have to wait for another article for that one.

Some things I noticed: one of my big problems with powder highlights is that some of them can look glittery on your skin, or leave small flecks of glitter on your face. Shiny as these are, they don't do that. Their sheen of shine can be as subtle or intense as you want it, but you're never going to have larger pieces of glitter anywhere on your face, no matter what lighting you're in.

Also, with colored highlighters, gold, rose, whatever, sometimes when you build them up, you're not only building the shine, but the pigment that gives it its color. When you're seen from a three quarter angle or even straight on, you'll often see more of the color of the product than its highlight, which essentially darkens your face in those areas you were just trying to highlight, the exact opposite of the finished product you were going for. This is not a problem with Skin Frost, and I would know, because I piled that shit on.

I just...these are a complete success and were very worth the wait. I'd been waiting on these for months and I'm so happy that I have no choice but to rave about them.

Did you guys get your hands on Skin Frost during the launch? If you did, you'd better throw those selfies in the comments below. And tell me your favorite highlighter! And whatever else is on your mind.

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